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What is self determination?

A principle in international law which states that people have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no interference


What is Secession?

Secession is where a state withdraws itself from another state eg becoming independent


What is self determination based on?

Self determination is based in respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity


What does the opinion of Badinter tell us?

That where a state wants to self determinate, it cannot change the borders of the original state


What are the three means in by which a territory could achieve self government?

Emergence as a sovereign independent state, free association with an independent state or integration with an independent state


What happened in the western sahara case?

The UN reaffirmed the right of self determination for the peoples of the Spanish Sahara and requested Spain to hold a referendum to allow the indigenous population if its territory to exercise their right


What happened in the Quebec case?

Quebecs self determination request was rejected. Canada’s government represents the whole of the people of its territory equally and without discrimination, to secede you must be under colonial rule or foreign operation


What does indigenous mean?

People who originate from a state, natives! They have the right to self determination