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Why do we need states?

States are sovereign political organisations and we need them because their sovereignty resolves conflict in that sense


What are the requirements for a state to be formed under the montevideo convention

For a state to exist it must have a 1) permanent population
2) core territory
3) an effective government (stage can be accepted as such only when it is in a position to guarantee law and order will be upheld - leaves possibility of dictatorship)
4) must have capacity to enter into relations


What is the recognition of states?

Where other states recognise a state as a state, effectively you must be accepted in this way to be treated like a state


What happened with biafra in terms of recognition?

Biafra met the 4 requirements to become a state but since noone recognised it as a state it never managed to exist as one


What is recognition de jure? (By right)

Recognition by right signifies that a government has risen to power in a legitimate way


What is recognition de facto? (By fact)

Signifies that while a government may be in power and have a negotiating partner, the recognising state is not very pleased with the way the government came into power - eg nazis in czechoslovakia


South sudan case (compare with kosovo case!!)

South Sudan succesfully seceded from sudan, was admitted into the UN and was recognised by all of the big powers indicating that in the eyes of the global powers south sudanese statehood was desirable


Kosovo case (compare with south sudan!!)

Kosovo declared independence and was recognised by 67 states including UK and germany, however was not recognised by china russia or most importantly serbia (who it seceded from) - recognition from serbia would make it a lot easier