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What happened in the ferrini case?

The ICJ held that there was no conflict between jus cogens and state immunity so neither were superior


What happened in the arrest warrant case?

The ICJ noted that in customary international law, the immunities accorded to ministers of foreign affairs are not granted for their personal benefit, they are granted to ensure the effective performance of their functions on behalf of their respective states


What happened in the pinochet case?

It was deemed that there was no immunity for the head of chile in a case of torture, this was due the torture convention and torture not being an official act


What is sovereign immunity?

It is generally accepted that states themselves can be immune from prosecution in other states as can their representatives


Whats is an act jure gestionis?

This is a commercial act, states do not have immunity for this


What is an act jure imperii?

This is a governmental act, states do have immunity for this


What instigated the change from absolute state immunity to relative state immunity?

The emergence of state companies


What is diplomatic immunity?

Diplomats represent their state abroad and in order to do so properly should be free from concerns of arrest


What are the 4 types of staff who have immunites?

Technical and admin staff
Service staff
Private staff


How do the privileges differ from different types of staff?

All have immunity but the staff that arent diplomats only have immunity for official acts and have less tax exemptions