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The transmission is often difficult to mate properly with the engine. It is recommended that you pull the two components together with the mounting fasteners.

false; Never pull components together with the mounting fasteners. Determine what is preventing the components from moving together and remedy the problem.


Identify the conditions that must be met in order to tow a truck safely, without damaging any components

- All drive wheels must be raised clear of the ground.
- The axle shaft at each drive wheel on the ground must be removed or
- The driveline(s) must be disconnected at the drive axle(s) and the vehicle must be towed using a suitable system attached to the manufacturer's recommended towing points.


When conducting air pressure tests on an air system, the chassis air pressure must be:
a) 80 psi.
b) 90 psi.
c) 60 psi.
d) 50 psi.

b) 90 psi.


Regulated air is applied to keep the range in low and the splitter in low.



When establishing the buffer zone around a diesel electric hybrid, what is the recommended distance the cones be placed from each corner of the vehicle?

1.0 m


When must you inspect insulated rubber gloves?

before each use


When the power electronics carrier is locked out, who is permitted to remove the lockout?

the technician who installed the lockout


What medium of stored energy is contained within an accumulator?
a) gaseous
b) fluid
c) fluid and gas
d) plasma

fluid and gas


What is the minimum length of time permitted to allow the fluid in the accumulator to drain back to the reservoir?

5 minutes