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physical disability v. mental disability

physical: includes but is not limited to, deterioration through the aging process, or loss of motor skill that results in the inability to practice the profession with reasonable judgment, skill or safety

mental: psychological condition or habitual or excessive use of alcohol, narcotics, stimulants, or other chemical agents or drug that results in the inability to practice podiatric medicine with reasonable judgment, skill or safety


impairment is the end of a ______

stress continuum

normal -> increased stress --> burnout --> impairment


define addiction

stess-induced defect in brain's ability to properly perceive pleasure


_____ all physicians experience a period during which they have a condition that impairs their ability to practice

one third


_____ of US physicians experience burnout


more female than male
more generalists than specialists

burnout = emotional exhaustion, decreased personal achievement, and depersonalization that included cynical or negative attitudes toward pts


purpose (4) of physician health programs

- identify impaired physicians
- evaluate, treat, and monitor
- protect the public from impaired physicians
- help the impaired physician achieve sobriety

approach the problem from a therapeutic angle rather than a disciplinary one


incidence of drug and alcohol abuse in physicians

10% - about the same as the gen pop

most commonly alcohol


*** first indication of substance abuse

marital problems


define intervention

structured process in which the impairment of the person is confronted in a caring, objective, non-judgmental manner so that the person receives an evaluation for his/her suspected impairment


true or false: most states allow doctors to seek tx for substance abuse disorders without being reported to board of medicine if there is no evidence of pt harm



why are the impaired not reported?

- they are difficult to identify
- hard to convince they need help
- intervention occurs only when hit rock bottom
- addicted can't be helped until they want to be helped


PHP can help before the medical board if ______


if not, and complaint is filed with board, odds are much greater that disciplinary action and license suspensionwill occur


a person who furnishes information to an appropriate authority without malice is ______ from civil liability



"Do"s of intervention

- intervene early and assertively
- hevaioral contracts spell out the consequence of noncompliance; namely, loss of license or hospital privileges


success rate of physician health programs in helping physicians return to practice