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Treatment steps in a 5 Phase pattern

1. Tonify Yin
2. Balance Yin Meridians/ Controlling Cycle
3. Correct Yang Meridian Imbalances
4. Treatment of Back Shu points


Points used in tonification during a 5 phase tx

Mother points
Child Points (LU5)
Horary Points
Source points
Luo (Chronic)
Any meridian pt. by sx.


Points used in dispersion during a 5 phase tx

Child points
Xi Cleft (accumulation pts. )
Source points on Yin channels
Luo points


Ways to tonify while needling

1. Needle in direction of meridian
2. Insert on exhalation, pull out on inhalation (Su Wen)
3. Shallow insertion (Nan Jing)
4. Amount of sensation is slight (Ling Shu)
5. Remove by closing the hole (Nan Jing)
6. #1 needle
7. Insert slowly
8. Remove quickly


Ways to disperse while needling

1. Needle against the flow of the meridian
2. Insert on inhaltion, pull out on exhalation (Su Wen)
3. Deeper insertion (Nan Jing)
4. May manipulate (Ling Shu)
5. Leave the hole open (Nan Jing)
6. #2 needle
7. Insert quickly
8. Remove slowly
9. May press down with Oshide


Nan Jing 69 says...

Tonify deficiency first, tonify the mother


Deciding which side of the body to start treating...

1. HEALTHY side first if 1 sided sx.
2. If no clear 1 sided sx…
Left for males
Right for females (women are always right)


What can you do if pulse is not consolidated after tx?

Chinetsukyu at GV14 or CV6