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What is a coalition?

Two or more political parties in a joint government


What is a left wing?

A socialist (same as a communist)


What are guerillas?

Small groups taking part in fighting using irregular tactics like ambush or sabotage


What was cominform?

Communist information bureau to ensure all communist countries conformed to the Russian style communism


What is a fascist?

An extreme nationalist


What is a capitalist?

A person who believes in the promotion of wealth, trade and industry


Which countries were always elected as full communist?

Hungary, Yugoslavia, Albania and east Germany


What countries were beneath the soviet sphere of influence?



What countries in Eastern Europe were initially a coalition?

Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Romania


Which countries were working towards communism?

France, Italy and Greece


How was Poland a coalition?

A coalition government took power in 1945 and Stalin then arrested all non communist leaders and so forcing the non communists into exile by 1947


How was Czechoslovakia a coalition?

A left wing coalition was elected in 1945 but by 1948, all other parties were banned with their leaders killed/imprisoned by communists


How was Hungary always communist?

A communist government was elected in 1945 led by Rakosi who used the secret police (AVH) to remove all opponents by 1947


What was significant about countries who were originally a coalition?

Communist power was given in all of them


How was Bulgaria a coalition?

The left-wing coalition gained power in 1945 the. Communists then executed leaders of all other parties


How was Yugoslavia always Communist?

In 1945 communists power under Marshall Tito but he split with the USSR in 1948


How was Albania always elected Communist?

Communists took power in 1945 without any opposition


How was East Germany always Communist?

It was given to the Soviets in 1945


How was France working towards communism?

There was a strong Communist party which belonged to cominform and had plans to take over the government


how was Italy working towards communism?

There was a very strong Communist party which belonged to Cominform and had plans to take over the government


How was Greece working towards communism?

Communist geurillas were fighting to the posing monarchy and take over the country


Why is it significant that communists would take all key jobs like running police and army?

It meant that it was easier to incorporate communism into peoples daily lives so that it could become all that they knew


What was salami tactics and why were they significant?

When capitalists or fascists were tried or expelled for finding evidence to cast doubt on their good reputations and integrity. This meant that there was no longer any capitalist influence making it easier for communists to gain control


Why is it significant that when most opponents were gone candidates were all or mostly Communist and that the key people had received training in the SU?

Because it meant that there was no longer any capitalist input on the country making it a Communist run environment


Give some aggressive ways Stalin tried to expand his sphere of influence over Eastern Europe

-The red Army stood by and did nothing well 300,000 Polish fighters were killed
-Stalin arrested or non-Communist leaders in Poland in 1945
-Stalin with moving westward and spreading communism by force killing those he got in his way


Give some defensive reasons Stalin expanded his Soviet sphere of influence

-because after World War II he wanted to make sure the SU would never be devastated by war again
-countries under his influence were geographically strategic to the SU
(Bordering ones that could easily invade if they were enemies)
-so that he could form a buffer zone against the future attack on the SU in order to protect the country this was done by spreading communism


Give an aggressive and a defensive reason for spreading the sphere of influence that link together

Stalin was moving westwards and spreading communism by force links with Stalin wanting to from a buffer zone to protect himself as that led him to spread communism forcefully