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What was declared on October 1st 1949?

Mao Tse-tung declared the People’s Republic of China


What happened after establishment of the people’s Republic of China declaration?

The nationalists who previously ruled the country retreated to the island of Taiwan as China became communist


What were the effects on China after ww11?

Left the country devastated and briefly allied communists and nationalists until 1946 prompting the civil war


when did communism take hold of China?

in 1949 When mao tse-tung declared the establishment of the people’s republic of China?


What did the do to help China?

-sent $300 million in aid to them
-allowed 8000 Chinese students to go to China to learn science and tech
-sent 20,000 su experts to help China develop


How did China and the su get on?

They had a good relationship as the su proved they were willing to help China and so exposing the country to communism full on


Why was Stalin really helping China?

To personally benefit the su and in order to expand his soviet sphere of influence


In Washington and other western capitals, what was mao’s victory seen as?

-a failure of the Truman doctrine and policy of containment
-a victory to Stalin by influencing the most highly populated country in the world
-a threat to the rest of Asia as communism could now spread especially vulnerable countries like Japan that was still recovering from ww2


What did the us do in response to mao’s victory?

They dramatically increased the funding to Japan and other countries around Asia to prevent the su sphere of influence spreading


What could suggested that the us was prepared for war as a response to mao’s victory?

As in September 1949, the highly secret National Security Council Resolution 68 (NSC-68) allowed for a major build up of the us military