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What was the Truman doctrine?

A policy to contain communism in Eastern Europe for as long as possible


What did Britain do in Greece and turkey?

Britain gave money to Greek and Turkish government under SU pressure to fight communism with 40,000 British troops there


When was the Truman doctrine put into place?

March 1947


Why did Britain need to fight communism in Greece?

As communists there started a guerrilla war against the government despite Stalin agreeing Britain could influence Greece


Why did Truman step into Greece and turkey and how?

Because Britain was a poor country so true man asked for $400 million to help instead


When did Britain pull out of turkey and Greece?

February 1947


What were the reasons for the Truman doctrine?

-Britain pulled out of turkey and Greece
-turkey and Greece were being overtaken by communism


What did Truman say in his speech for the Truman doctrine?

-communism posed a serious threat to the USA and the rest of the world
-the USA would support any country that was under threat of communism
-the focus must be to ‘contain’ communism


Name some effects of the Truman doctrine

-seen as declaring an ideological war against communism
-causes Stalin to make his version of the Truman doctrine
-damages relations between the two countries


What was the Marshall plan?

The European recovery plan that put the Truman doctrine into practice


What were the Marshall plan’s aims?

-To aid economic recovery in Europe to stop people from turning to communism
-to support containing communism in Eastern Europe
-to create a market for American goods to build up the economy


How much was divided between the countries willing to accept Marshall aid?

$13.15 billion


Who was Marshall aid offered to?

All countries in Europe both east and west


What form did Marshall aid take up?

Money or resources which had to be bought from American suppliers


Which country received the most Marshall aid?

The UK receiving $3.2b


Name some countries that received Marshall aid

Italy, west Germany, Greece, Austria, turkey, Denmark, Norway, France


What were the results of the Marshall plan?

-Allowed recovery of Western Europe as economies and living standards could now rise
-shown the USAs commitments in the long term
-firmly established the divide between east and west as countries behind the iron curtain where forbidden to accept Marshall aid
-made communism in the west less popular


What was Stalin’s political thoughts on Marshall aid?

Thought anti - communist aims behind it would weaken his hold over Eastern Europe


What was Stalin’s economic thought on Marshall aid?

That the USA was trying to dominate as many places as possible by making them dependant on American dollars


What is dollar imperialism?

When America dominated as many countries as possible by making the dependant on the US dollar


Who was Tito?

The leader of Yugoslavia who before 1948 was highly regarded by Stalin


Why was there tension between Tito and Stalin?

As Tito didn’t understand why he should follow Stalin like other countries in the communist block


Why did Yugoslavia get Marshall aid?

As Stalin threw Yugoslavia out of COMINFORM, enforced economic sactions and forbade other countries from trading with Yugoslavia


How did the west help Yugoslavia?

As Britain established a £30 million trade deal in December 1948 and the USA offered Marshall aid which they gratefully took


Why was Yugoslavia unique?

It received Marshall aid despite being forbidden, was the only communist country to get Marshall aid and the only communist country behind the iron curtain


What did the Marshall plan involve?

giving money to European countries for 4 years.


What was altruism?

Selfless acts of good work


Who created the Marshall plan?

George C Marshall


When did the Marshall plan end ?

December 1951


What happened to countries that benefited from Marshall aid?

Their gdp increased by 20%


Why did congress end up accepting the Marshall plan?

Because a Czechoslovakian minister was found dead under a window and as communist and Americans had different views, congress wanted to avoid conflicts


Give one way the Marshall plan was motivated by altruism

People in Europe needed help as they were starving and unemployed


Give 3 reasons suggesting the Marshall plan was motivated by strategy and state if its economic or political

-the Marshall plan aimed to control the spread of communism (political)
-Western Europe could become a strong ally to the us against the su by helping it recover (political)
-the quicker Europe recovered, the quicker it could become a strong trading partner (economic)