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What is Customer Service?

Providing services to customers before, during and after purchase to standards that meet their expectations


What are the important factors of customer service?

1. Clear Product Information - This helps the customer make the right decision when making a purchase

2. Reliability - The products should meet quality standards

3. Helpful Staff - Employees should be friendly/helpful and aim to answer all questions from customers

4. Delivering on time - Clear information needs to be given on delivery procedures

5. After-Sales Service - After the product has been sold, products can go wrong but a business can keep customers happy by providing quick and suitable solutions


What are the benefits of a Good Customer Service?

1. Customer Satisfaction
2. Repeat Purchases/Loyalty
3. Increase in Market Share
4. More revenue and profit


Name the 5 Consumer Protection Laws

Sales of Goods Act
Consumer Protection Act
Weight and Measures Act
Data Protection Act
Food Safety Act


What is the Sales of Goods Act?

Goods and Services sold should be as described by the business.
Must be fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality


What is the Consumer Protection Act?

This stops business from selling dangerous and unsafe products to consumers


What is the Weight and Measures Act?

Weight and Measure of good must be suitably labelled on packaging


What is the Data Protection Act?

Information about consumers must be held securely and can't be shared or sold without authorisation of the consumers


What is the Food Safety Act?

Only food that is safe for human consumption can be sold and this applies restaurants, supermarkets, farmers and shops


What are the benefits of Customer Service using ICT?

24 hours online ordering makes it easier for customers to buy
Access to goods and services worldwide (more choice)
Customer Service pages on website (Product information, FAQ's and contact details)
Technical Support - Updates for the software
Secure payment methods (Paypal)