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No strip search or visible body cavity search may be conducted without ? authorization of the supervisor on duty

Written authorization. ( per Ca Penal Code )


A physical body cavity search can only be conducted of the officer obtains a ?. The search then can only be conducted by?

Search warrant

Medical personnel


Ay person who is arrested and held for more than ? hours without being booked has the right to make at least ? telephone calls

3 hours
3 calls


A ? shall be called to the scene involving a suspect being maximally restrained

Field supervisor


The control chair in the Sally port area should only be used to secure passive or active resistant prisoners who require a ?

Non consensual blood draw or decontamination from OC spray.

( the chair does not meet state requirements for a secured restraint type chair)


A Cal ID check MUST be conducted on all misdemeanor and felony prisoners who do not have?

Valid identification in their possession


FI info will remaining Arjis for up to ? Year, and in CRMS for ? Years

One year

5 years


Officers daily journals can be accesses in CAD for a period of up to ? months. After this they can be requested through the Tape Research Office.

15 months


The term ?? shall be used to designate an urgent request for police assistance for a bus,taxi cab , and trolley

Code Blue


A police office may destroy an injured animal with a service firearm, but must ?

Get approval from immediate supervisor


Sexual assault examinations should generally be obtained within the first ? hours of the sexual assault

72 hours


No more than ? officers at a time will use an eating place for Code 7 unless prior approval is obtained from a supervisor

2 officers


All citizens who participate in a ride along program must be ? years of age or older

18 years of age


Only ?'s and above have the authority to release Sobering Center clients for being " non intoxicated."

Sergeants and above


Harbor Police and San Diego Community College Police felony in custody cases will be transported to SDPD investigations Sgt within ?

One day


Arrests of military personnel shall be handles in same manner as arrests of non military personnel. Exceptions to this would be ??? turnovers in cases where no judicial follow up is sought.

" voluntary protective custody"


Grocery carts may be presumed to be illegally possessed if a merchant has sign affixed to cart which ?, ?, and ?

Identifies the owner or retailer
Notifies the public that unauthorized removal of cart is violation of law
Lists a telephone number or address for return of the cart


A person who engages in cart retrieval must retain records showing?

Written authorization from the cart owner or agent te retrieve the carts and be in possession of the carts retrieved


On hate crime calls, the field supervisor shall ?

Notify the watch commander asap.

Specifically assign a unit to location as an option if there still exists potential for further acts of violence.

Assure a copy is sent to CIU as soon as possible for tracking purposes


If a tag ( bank robbery etc) is mobile and being tracked the tag will be referred to as?

Suspect Zero


In death case where a doctor has seen the decedent within ? days of death, the doctor will often sign a death certificate and waive the requirement of an autopsy

20 days


When transporting prisoners in a vehicle with a rear cage the prisoner shall be positioned

In the middle or right hand rear seat where the prisoner can be observed through the rear view mirror


When prisoners are left n a hot car the

Front windows must be rolled down or the AC will be left on.

The back windows shall not be rolled down


What are the three types of cord cuff leg restraint techniques

Waist handcuff restraint

Leg hobble restraint

Maximum restraint


Subjects maximum restrained can be transported in the prone position?

No! Shall be transported lying sideways across the back seat facing towards the front of the vehicle. This allows passenger officer to monitor


At least ? officers shall be involved in lifting a maximally restrained subject

3 officers. Two on either side and a 3rd n the legs


Can prisoners in a police facility be locked into a room?

No. Additionally they may not be handcuffed to any fixed object or furniture


Officers daily journals can be accessed for a period of ? months.

15 months. After that they are available through tape research


When an officer is the victim of the crime they shall or shall not complete their own crime report?

Shall not


There must be only one ? on each latent print lift card submitted

One valid SDPD case number or incident number


Sexual assault exams should generally be obtained immediately, within the first ? hours of the sexual assault

72 hours


The primary service provider for sex assault victims 18 years of age or older, and all suspect examinations is

Independent forensic services (IFS) located at 4376 54th place# C


All forensic exams of sexual assault suspects will be conducted at

Police Headquarters


A suspects medical condition and the potential for medical treatment should or should not be considered when determining whether or not to arrest a subject ?



All citizens who participate in the ride along program must be ? or older



A detention of undocumented immigrant prior to release to DHS / Border Patrol should ordinarily be no longer than

20 minutes


Only ? and above have the authority to release sobering center clients for being " not intoxicated."

Sergeant or above


Procedurally There our 3 types of mentally persons

Voluntary cases
Uncooperative non emergency cases
Uncooperative emergency cases
Public conservatee


Generally 5150 juveniles should be transported to the

The children's mental health services emergency screening unit


FTO's taking ? or more days leave in addition to their normal days off during a trainee assignment period, shall consider themselves available for a trainee assignment

3 or more days


FTO'S should not accept a trainee assignment if they plan on requesting ? time off

Compensatory time off


A grocery cart is illegally possessed if it has the following 3 items on a sign

Identifies the owner or retailer

Notifies public that unauthorized removal of the cart is a violation of the law

Lists a telephone number or address


When a ? Tag has been activated the lead dispatcher will format an incident using the type code " 211 spec"



When an ETS tag has been activated the designation ? will be broadcast

211 ECHO

( Echo The Sound)


In death cases where a doctor has seen the decedent within ? days of death, the doctor will often sign a death certificate and waive the requirement of an autopsy

20 days


On a traffic/ misdemeanor citation , and no identifications s available, officers will enter ? in the box provided for the CDL and or SS number

No Valid ID


All commands issuing citation books shall keep the Citation Accountability Log for a period of ? years

2 years


The environmental services dept will post abandoned property ( carts) for. Period of

72 hours. If the property is not removed within that time , it may be seized and disposed of by environmental services