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"Boys of Summer" was perhaps the most famous single by this former Eagles drummer and vocalist.

Don Henley


He was the member of Wham! that was not George Michael.

Andrew Ridgeley


This British all-female group is considered to be a blueprint for the Spice Girls. They achieved a 1986 U.S. number one hit with a cover of Shocking Blue's "Venus." They were known for their vocal style, generally singing in unison rather than in harmony like most vocal groups.



This former Metallica bassist was killed in a 1986 bus crash while the band was on tour in Europe.

Cliff Burton


What fictional clothing store at the corner of Ludlow and Rivington on New York's Lower East Side only ever existed on the cover of a 1989 record album?

Paul's Boutique


Carlton Ridenhour, William Jonathan Drayton, Jr., Norman Rogers, and Richard Griffin (as the Minister of Information and leader of the Security of the First World) are the real names of the core of what hip-hop group and 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee during its 1980s/90s peak?

Public Enemy


Beauty and the Beat, Vacation, and Talk Show are the early 1980s albums from what rock band?

The Go-Go's


According to Mojo Nixon's 1987 song "Elvis is Everywhere", every human being on Earth has a little bit of Elvis Presley in them - except one. Which actor is this Anti-Elvis? (In the future, Nixon would explain his choice as an "evil yuppie twit" who "pretended to be a rock-and-roller".)

Michael J. Fox


What artist and TV personality was discovered while a member of the Laker Girls cheerleading squad and choreographed videos from Janet Jackson's Control album before achieving pop stardom of her own later in the 1980s?

Paula Abdul


Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson talked this duet of theirs all the way to No. 1.

Say Say Say