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What are the three things to think about when considering knee problems?

The C'sCartilahge, cruciate, collaterals


What is injury to the collateral ligaments caused by?

orce being applied to the side of the knee when the foot is placed on the ground.


How can damage to the collateral ligament be assesed?

by asking the patient to medially rotate and laterally rotate the leg. Pain on medial rotation indicates damage to the medial ligament, pain on lateral indicates damage to the lateral ligament.


In collateral ligament damage, what happens if tibial collateral ligament is damaged?

More then likely medial meniscus is torn due to their attachment


How can the anterior cruciate ligament e torn?

A large force applied to the back of the knee with the joint partly flexed. T


How do you test for tearing of anterior cruciate ligament?

Anterior drawer signAteempt to pull tibia forwards - if it moves, ligament has been torn


How can the posterior cruciate ligament be torn?

hyperextension of the joint, or damage to the upper part of the tibial tuberosity.


How do you test for tearing of posterior cruciate ligament?

Posterior drawer signyou can try to push the tibia in the posterior direction, if it moves, the ligament has been torn.


What can cause housemaids knee?

Friction between the skin and the patella cause the prepatella bursa to become inflamed producing a swelling on the anterior side of the knee,


What can cause clergyman's knee?

Friction between the skin and tibia can cause the infrapatella bursa to become inflamed resulting in what is known as clergyman’s knee


What is a meniscal tear?

Usually involve medial meniscus, causing pain on medial rotation of the tibia. Often occurs in conjuction with Tibial collateral ligament or anterior cruciate ligament tears


Why do lateral meniscal tears only rarely occur?

Mobility of the lateral meniscus


What does a lateral meniscal tear cause?

Painonlatereal rotation of the tibia


What is the unhappy triad?

Blow to lateral side of extended knee causes tearing of the tibial collateral ligament, tear/detachment of meniscus from joint capsule and Anterior cruciate ligament tear


Describe patella dislocation

ALWAYS dislocates LATERALLYMore common in women due to greater Q angle


What is lateral dislocation of patella usually opposed by?

Medial pull of vastus medialis Als, the more anterior projection of the lateral femoral condyle and deep slop of the larger lateral patellar face cause a mechanical deterrent to latereral dislocation


Who are hamstring injuries common in?

Individuals who kick hard, causing violent musclular exertion


What is a pulled hamstring?

an excessive stretch or tear of muscle fibers and related tissues.


What symptoms are present in an individual with a pulled hamstring? How is it treated?

spasm, tightness, and tenderness. With more severe injury, swelling and a black and blue or bruised appearance will follow in hamstring.Rest and physio.