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Judgement day

-At the end of our life, we will be faced with a choice to chose or reject God.
-The decision we take leads us to judgement and decides whether we ‘go’ to heaven or hell.



-A place where you can enjoy an eternal life in the presence of god.
-To ‘go’ to heaven, you have to accept God’s grace.


Immortality of the Soul

-The idea that the soul still lives on after the death of the body.
-For catholics, it is your soul, which can live on in Heaven.


Reincarnation (non-Christians)

-The belief that, after death, souls are reborn into a new body.
-This is a core belief of the Hindu and Buddhist religions.



-Is used to describe a state of Irving where people can not afford to meet their daily needs.
-These daily needs include food, housing and education.



-Stands for the Saint Vincent De Paul Society.
- They turn concern into action by working with people in poverty to help improve their lives.