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Scrooge represents...

*Represents avarice (extreme greed), cold logic and the negative effects of isolation.
*After being forced to transform, he becomes a symbol of the Christmas spirit in Stave Five.
*He is a dynamic character (a character who changes).


The Cratchit family symbolise...

*Symbolise Victorian poverty, cheerfulness in adversity (difficult situations), togetherness, and Christmas spirit.
* Bob shows pity for Scrooge, and provides a contrast to Scrooge's isolation and meanness.
* Tiny Tim is an emblem for noble poverty, he accepts is disability without complaint.


Fred represents...

*Represents compassion, forgiveness, and the power of family. He serves as a contrast/foil to Scrooge.
*Epitomises the concept of goodwill - he refuses to be discouraged by his uncle's misery.
*People (such as the Cratchits) speak highly of Fred and his generosity, in contrast to how they speak of Scrooge.
* Fred shows that Scrooge has chosen isolation and shows forgiveness to Scrooge, welcoming him in Stave Five.


The Ghosts are...

Are supernatural mechanisms, directing Scrooge on a journey of reflection and redemption.


The Ghost of Christmas Present represents...

Represents goodwill, plenty and the festival of Christmas.
*He is the symbol of abundance (plentifulness of the good things of life). He holds a cornucopia (a horn of plenty).
*While he wears a scabbard, it does not contain a sword and is neglected, symbolising peace.
*He represents Christmas, saying that he has "More than 1800" brothers (each Christmas since Christ).
*When Scrooge declares that this is a 'tremendous family to provide for' the ghost is angry because Scrooge's only concern is the cost of this festival of goodwill.


The Ghost of Christmas Past is a symbol...

*Symbol of childhood, truth and enlightenment.
* Forces Scrooge to reflect on painful memories of childhood and his youth in order to properly understand who he has become.
* The bright light which emanates from his head represents truth.
* The cap which Scrooge uses to try to extinguish the light is a symbol of shameful human desires and ignorance.


The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come...symbolises

* Symbolises a catastrophic future for mankind.
* Echoes the figure of the 'Grim Reaper', or death, in his description.
* His silent characterisation and ominous atmosphere create the idea of an unknowable and threatening future.
* He makes the final decision to show mercy towards Scrooge - "The kind hand trembled" when pointing to the grave - and completes his redemption or "reclamation".


Fezziwig is...

Is Dickens' model for how the wealthy classes should behave - "shaking hands with every person individually" - no judgement or division of classes. In a time of economic turmoil, everyone is invited to celebrate Christmas.