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Who is the choreographer?

Itzik Galili


What is the dance company?



Date of first performance?

Tuesday 12th May 2009


What is the dance style?

Blends samba, capoeira and contemporary dance techniques


What is the stimulus?

Linah Curva means ‘curved lines’.
The stimulus is Brazilian culture. He wanted to create a celebration and the Brazilian way of life and the ability to live in the moment.


What is the duration?

23 minutes


How many dancers?

28 dancers
15 male
13 female


What is the aural setting?

The music is written by Percossa, a percussion group based in Holland


What is the costume?

Designed by Itzik Galili.
Male and female dancers both wear black vests with different coloured Lycra shorts


What is the lighting?

Designed by Itzik Galili. They are different colours and are timed.


Performance environment?

End stage


Staging and set?

There is no set apart from a raised platform at the back of the stage where the percussionist perform.


What is the structure?

Separate parts of the dance work are made up of big ensemble dance sections interspersed with scenes that have more of a sense of narrative and character


What is the choreographic approach?

Itzik worked collaboratively with the dancers. Nearly all of the motifs were composed from improvisation.


What is the choreographic intention?

Brazilian movements performed in straight lines creating a samba parade feel contrasted with slightly more narrative sections exploring how Brazilian men and women communicate with each other. Simply have fun.


What do the the costumes have across the top?

Have a colourful zip that goes in different directions for the different dancers.


What do the men wear at the beginning?

Metallic disc shaped collars.
The collars reflect the light and complement the the other components.


What does having them all wear the same costume show?

The uniform looks adds to the feeling of equality in the ensemble sections. The costume is non- gender specific therefore gives uniformity amongst the group.


What do the colours of the costume show?

They are carnival inspires and enhance the impact of the lighting.
Therefore they link to the stimulus and complement the other components.


Why are the costumes tight fitting?

Allows the audience to see the shapes the dancers are making with their body. It clearly sculpts the body.


How are the costumes practical?

They disappear when out of the light. They had to be able to go black in the dark.


Why is the emptiness and blackness of the stage effective?

It creates the perfect environment for the vibrant lighting design that is so important for the dancers.
- it complements the lighting and the bare stage means that the focus is on the action content.


Why did Itzik what the audience to see the musicians?

Show the idea of music and dance working together within the Brazilian culture of the stimulus.


What prop is used in the dance?

Skateboards are used during the adage section (section 2)
The dancers lie on them and propel themselves along the stage between the performers.


How many square lights are there?
And what shape do they make?

49 light
Chequerboard effect


How do the lights help the dancers?

The dancers are being dictated where to move. Like the lights are pulling the dancers into their next space.


What is the lighting in section 1?

Contact duet: there are 8 white squares at a low intensity.
Contracts the previous chequerboard lights


What is the lighting in section 2?

Adage septet: the dancers are confined to a yellow square


What is the lighting like in section 3?

Showing off: the lighting changes so that most of the stage is covered in a circular pool of white light. The rest of the stage is in darkness.


What is the accompaniment in the opening?

There are vocal sounds and the dancers chant ‘tum tarakka tum’
Intense dynamics and is lively and at a rapid speed.
Creates a fun atmosphere