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Who is the choreographer

Wayne McGregor


Who is the company

The Royal Ballet


What is the date of the first performance

13 November 2008


What is the dance style

Contemporary ballet


What is the 1st choreographic approach

1) SHOW a phrase to the whole or part of the cast- dancers watch and either recreate the phrase exactly or create a version


What is the 2nd choreographic approach

2) MAKE a phrase on a target dancer or dancers- others watch and copy or develop


What is the 3rd choreographic approach

3) TASK- set a choreographic task for dancers to complete or pose a choreographic problem for the dancers to solve


What is the stimulus

Infra is Latin for below, presents a portrait of life beneath the surface of the city.
Also quotes from the poem ‘The Wasteland’ by T.S. Eliot


What are the quotes from the poem

“Under the brown fog of a winter dawn”
“A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many”


What is the choreographic intention

Seeing below the surface, see people walking in the street. The choreography has found a pedestrian language.


How many dancers are there

12 dancers
6 male
6 female


How long is it

28 minutes


What is the structure

Has solos, duets and ensembles. Also a crowd surges across the stage.


What is the aural setting

By Max Richter
Mixes melancholy string melodies with electronic sounds and everyday sounds such as train- whistles


Who designed the costume

Lucy Carter


What is the performance environment

Proscenium arch


Who designed the set

Julian Opie


How is the stimulus of infra, meaning the Latin word for below shown

Have holograms of people walking on the street literally above the dancers. Seeing below the surface


What is the female dancers costume like and what does it show

Hair out of face, white vest/tight fitted. Black bottoms, pointe shoes.
All the same, everyone is going through the same problems. Bland colours- don’t want to attract attention/ keeping to themselves.
Gender neutral clothing


What is the male costume like and what does it show

Topless showing vulnerability and how he is exposed. Pedestrian colours, professional. Black trousers, bare foot.
No where to hide, see all the actions and masculinity. Similar colours but slightly different. Dark colours shows sadness/mourning after the bombings.


How does the staging contribute to the stimulus

Seeing below the surface with the LED lights. Plain stage shows the dancers being exposed. The lights shows the changing emotion. London bombings and wasteland poem


How does the staging contribute to the intent

The staging is pedestrianised and looks professional. The LED screen shows the dancers in the underground where the bomb went off. It also makes the stage look busy, like it says in the poem the wasteland


How do the colours contribute to the piece

Monochrome colours show that everyone is the same and can show the sadness from the London bombing. Shows vulnerability


What are other factors for the staging and set

The lighting changes throughout the dance and shows the change in emotion. At the beginning the lighting links with the fog of the poem


What is the lighting in section 1

Begins with a soft focus of white/grey.
Links with the poem the wasteland which talks about fog


What is the lighting like in section 2

Pool of light, pedestrianised


What is the lighting in section 3

Shows the anxious physical conversation. Also jealous/envy. Bad relationship- tension


What is the lighting in section 4

6 rectangles. Shows everyone is in their own little bubble. Complements monochrome outfits. Creates boundaries and restricts dancers. Isolating/can’t escape.
Also could be windows on the underground- light in the darkness. Trapped- London bombings


What’s the lighting in section 5

Male solo in amber/gold. Shows authority. Conflict of power. Lots of space- not trapped or restricted.
Confident- exposed- shown his feelings


What’s the lighting in section 6

Wash of yellow. More dancers, see different relationships/ business of the city. Setting us up to see the drop in mood


What’s the lighting in section 7

Blue beams of light, two diagonal pathways. White sidelights. Women’s break down.
Lonely in a crowd of people. Captures her face. Draws attention to her- shows people over looking her.


What’s the lighting in section 8

Low intensity white spotlight, follows the dancer. Circle- everyone comes together after the bombing but people are now putting their guard up. Alone in the darkness.