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Any beverage containing .5% alcohol by volume such as malt beverages unfortified wine, fortified win, spirituous liquor and mixed beverages

Alcoholic beverage


Any alcoholic beverage which has not had taxes paid on the product (IE moonshine)

nontaxpaid alcoholic beverage


Contains at least .5% and not more than 15% and is a lager, beer, malt liquor, ale, porter, and any other brewed or fermented beverage

Malt beverage


What percentage within a malt beverage requires the alcohol content to be prominently displayed



Any wine that is 16% or less by alcohol volume made by the fermentation from pure grapes, fruits, berries, rice, or honey; by the addition of pure cane, beet or dextrose sugar or addition of brandy from the same type of grape fruit, berry rice honey

Unfortified wine


Any wine, of more than 16% and no more than 24% alcohol by volume, made by fermentation from grapes, fruits berries, rice or honey; by the addition of pure cane, beet , or dextrose sugar or by the addition of pure brandy from the same type of grape fruit berry rice or honey

Fortified wine


Distilled spirits or ethyl alcohol including spirits of wine, whiskey, rum, brandy, gin

Spirituous liquor


a drink composed in whole or in part of spirituous liquor and served in a quantity less than quantity contained in a closed package
A premixed cocktail served from a closed package containing only one serving

Mixed Beverage


All areas, whether inside or outside the licensed premises, where the permittee has control of the property through a lease, deed or other legal process



any transfer, trade, exchange or barter in any manner or by any means for considation



What is ALE responsible for regulating?

Alcohol, Lottery, tobacco, controlled substance and gambling laws, and taking legal action on nuisance establishments (Boxing authority and Bingo)


How many members are typically on an ABC board?



What jurisdiction does an ABC officer have?

county wide


What jurisdiction does ALE have?

State wide


It is unlawful for a person under the age of ___ to purchase, possess or consume alcoholic beverages



What is the charge if a person who is 19 or 20 and the alcoholic beverage is beer or unfortified wine? (Misdemeanor or felony)



What are the different forms of acceptable ID in NC to purchase alcohol?

-NC driver's license
-NC special ID card
-Military ID


A person with a red NC license can buy?
(With relation to alcohol and tobacco)



A person with a yellow NC license can buy?
(With relation to alcohol and tobacco)



A person with a green NC license can buy?
(With relation to alcohol and tobacco)

Alcohol and Tobacco


What are some of the ABC offenses relating to possession of alcohol?

-Aid and Abet
-Fraudulent ID
-Nontaxpaid alcoholic beverage


What are the offenses related to Sale of alcohol?

-sale to intoxicated persons


Do stores reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason?

Yes, they can refuse any person


What are the times that alcoholic beverages can be sold on licensed premises?

7am -2:00am (Except Sunday 12pm-2:00am)


What are the times that alcohol can be consumed on licensed premises?

7am-2:30am (except Sunday 12pm-2:30am)


True or False:
It is lawful for any person to consume alcoholic beverage on the premises of a business having only an off-premises permit

False it is UNLAWFUL to consume alcohol on these properties (such as inside an ABC store


It is unlawful to consume fortified wine, spirituous liquor, or mixed beverages or to offer these beverages to another person on what premises?

-ABC store
-Any property used or occupied by a local ABC board
-Any public road street, highway or sidewalk



A home, temporary residence or other property possessing a greater amount of fortified wine or spirituous liquor than allowed where liquor is being sold

Shot house


True or False:

It is unlawful for a person less than 21 years old to drive a motor vehicle on a highway or public vehicular are while consuming alcohol or at any time while he has remaining in his body an alcohol in his blood consumed previously

True, person under 21 isn't allowed to have alcohol


What is the legal amount for beer that can be purchased in one transaction? Any how much can be purchased with a transportation permit?

80 liters (9 cases and 9 cans of 12oz, ) (7 cases and one can of 16oz)
Can have as many kegs as you want with a permit


What is the legal amount of unfortified wine that can be purchased?

50 liters


How much fortified wine or spirituous liquor can a person purchase in a single transaction

8 liters or any combination of the 2 adding to 8


If a person obtains a transportation permit how much unfortified wine and fortified wine/spirituous liquor?

100 liters of unfortified wine
40 liters of either fortified wine or spirituous liquor (can only add up to 40 liter)


How long are the transportation permits valid

until 9:30pm on the date of purchase


True or False

It is lawful for a person operating a for-hire vehicle to transport fortified wine or spirituous liquor without transporting a paying customer

False It is unlawful without a paying customer


True or False

It is unlawful for a driver of a motor vehicle to transport fortified wine or spirituous liquor in other than the original closed container



True or False

It is lawful to transport nontaxpaid liquor in a motor vehicle, boat, airplane, or other conveyances

False it is never lawful to have nontaxpaid liquor and the vehicle used is subject to seizure


True or False

It is legal to bet on a game of skill

True The game needs to be of chance(IE dice, cards, or sporting event) and there needs to be an item of value at stake IE money or property


When referring to tobacco laws it is illegal to purchase, aid, assist, or abet a person under the age of 18 to obtain....

tobacco products and cigarette wrapping papers


Officers are responsible for storing seized alcoholic beverages until....

the trial or administrative hearing


Before the trial a judge can order the alcohol evidence to be....

destroyed or sold


After the trial a judge may order the seized alcohol to be....

sold, destroyed, returned to owner, or held for further proceedings


Can a court require a person convicted of an ABC law violation be responsible to pay for the expenses incurred in purchasing alcoholic beverages from that person as part of an investigation leading to his conviction?

Yes, this means the person convicted needs to pay the agency back for the alcohol they sold the agency