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Anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some actions to remove or reduce it

Crime Prevention


Crime results when these 2 elements exist

Desire to commit
Opportunity to do so


When the threat of punishment deters a person from committing an offense for which he might be punished

Punitive approach


Emphasizes working with the individual or social conditions in order to assure that the individuals will not commit another offense or place the individual in an area where criminal behavior is discouraged

Corrective approach


Places obstacles in the path of the would-be-offender to make committing the crime more difficult

Mechanical Approach


Removes the causes of crime or the conditions which breed and nurture it

Causal Approach


What are the Crime triangle elements?

Desire+Skills and Tools+Opportunity=Crime


What are the four crime prevention categories?

-Punitive approach
-Corrective approach
-Mechanical approach
-Causal Approach


Process where increased security measures at one location may also benefit neighboring facilities



Similar to crime prevention, the anticipation recognition and appraisal of a risk and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce the risks or to reduce the potential loss from that risk to an acceptable level

Risk Management


Potential loss condition which exists because the anticipated profits exceed the probable loss factor

Dynamic Risk


Potential loss condition which exists because of ignorance or inability on the part of the potential victim and from which no profit can possibly accrue only losses

Pure Risk


Eliminating the existence of criminal opportunity or avoiding the creation of an opportunity

Risk Avoidance


Reduction of the opportunity and the potential loss to the lowest level which is compatible with the business

Risk Reduction


Assets which remain exposed after the concepts of reduction and avoidance have been applied are subject of this alternative

Risk spreading


Transfer those risks not reduced to an acceptable level to someone else

Risk transfer


All remaining risks that must be assumed by the business

Risk Acceptance


What are the 5 alternatives for risk management

-Risk Avoidance
-Risk Reduction
-Risk spreading
-Risk Acceptance
-Risk transfer


What are the four D's of physical security?

-Deter the criminal from attacking
-Detect him if he does attack so that a police response may be initiated
-Delay him so that he may be apprehended
-Deny him access to particular targets


What is the purpose of the security survey?

examine the physical features, procedures, activities, and possible targets of criminal attack in order to recognize and appraise the specific risks present in a home or business


What is the Traditional approach to the security survey?

Start with the exterior of the individual's premises and work inward


What is the Strategic approach to the security survey?

Start at the very heart of the individual's operation by identifying the specific targets of possible criminal attack


What is possible maximum loss?

The maximum loss that would be sustained if given target or combination of targets were totally removed, destroyed, or both.


What is probably maximum loss?

The amount of loss a target would be likely to sustain


What is a tangible document that provides feedback and suggestions to the community and allows community participation?

Security Survey Report


After conducting a Security survey report, how much time should an officer take to respond?

within 72 hours


What are the 3 lines of defense

-Building exterior
-Building interior


What are some Perimeter defenses purposes (1st line of defense)

-Designed to deter from entering
-Only delays intrusion and assists in detection and apprehension
-Are a psychological deterrent


What are some examples of building exteriors defenses (2nd line of defense)?

-Key control


What are some examples of interior controls (3rd line of defense)?

-Secured cabinets
-Steel bars
-Wire mesh grating
-Photograph property
-Fire-proof box
(and many more)


What are some procedures to prevent robbery?

-Keep cash to a minimum
-Post notices concerning cash precautions
-Safeguard cash movement by armored car
-Arrange maximum possible human surveillance of key parts of operation internally and externally
-Inform all members about proper use of holdup alarms and procedures to identifying robbers, reporting to police


What the most typical kinds of external fraud?

Fraudulent checks and credit cards


What is the main cause for the loss from fraudulent checks?

lack of adequate check cashing procedures


How can a business reduce the opportunity of fraudulent checks?

-Train all personnel how to examine checks
-Limit the amount of money checks can be made for
-Require corroborating ID
-Establish a central check approval person or station
-use positive ID techniques
-Verify address and telephone numbers
-Subscribe to bad check list services
-Beware of unusual check features


What are some ways to limit shoplifting?

-Greet customers
-Keeps displays neat or orderly
-Tag merchandise so it cannot be altered
-Prosecute apprehended shoplifters
-Provide each purchasers with a receipt


What are the 3 types of counterfeit bills

-Change low denomination to a higher denomination
- Photocopy
-Printed counterfeit bill


How are counterfeit bills usually passed?

-Rural communities
-During peak hours or before closing
-Asking for change or purchasing a small ticket item with a large bill


A crime prevention program which enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities

Community watch


How does community watch work?

-Neighbors getting to know each other and working together in programs of mutual assistance to prevent crime
-Citizens being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods


What is the goal of citizens role in crime prevention?

work towards building community standards and expectations that reject violence and other crimes


What is SARA

Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment


What are some examples of community policing

-Bike patrols
-Strategic foot patrol
-Officers assign to target areas
-Community watch
-Planned neighborhood meetings with law enforcement


The intentional use physical force or power against another person group or community



What are the ages normally including in youth violence? (its an age range)



What are some risk factors for school and youth violence

-Prior history of violence
-Drug alcohol or tobacco use
-Associating with delinquent peers
-Poor family functioning
-Poor grades in school
-Poverty in the community


School Resource officers (SRO) are trained to perform 3 roles:

-Law enforcement
-Law-related counseling
-Law-related education