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What do we depend on for contrast in abdominal radiography?



What is a key modality for abdominal radiography?

Ultrasound (But radiograph first)


What techniques are used for abdominal radiography?

  • Short scale contrast: low kVp and high mAs with film
  • Grid if >10 cm to reduce scattered radiation
  • Expiratory rads
  • Adequate collimation


What boundaries should be included for a complete examination of the abdomen?

  • Cranial edge of diaphragm
  • Caudal grater trochanter of femurs
  • Lateral, dorsal and ventral soft tissue boundaries


T/F: Fasting and enemas are always necessary for abdominal radiographs

FALSE--there is no need for fasting or enemas for survey radiographs (who has time? It's important to look at native state)


T/F: It is important to take both left AND right views



What are some examples of special radiographic projections?

  • Horizontal-beam radiographs
  • Compression radiography
  • Urethra "shot"


T/F: Cats have less peritoneal fat than dogs, meaning there is better detail and a falciform 'mass'.

FALSE--cats have more peritoneal fat than dogs. Everything else is true

A image thumb

Compared to dogs, cats have 5 differences in abdominal rads. What are they?

  1. Pancreas extends to left
  2. Spleen smaller (and not usually seen in lateral view of cat)
  3. Fat in stomach wall (huge fat collection in falciform ligament and inguinal regions)
  4. Position of pylorus (more medial in cat)
  5. Size of cecum


T/F: The cat's cecum is corkscrew-shaped, while the dog's is almost too small to be seen.

FALSE--the DOG's cecum is a corkscrew shape while the cat's barely shows on rads


What are 2 summation shadows that will 'fake you out?'


Gas in anal sacs


How can you use zones to evaluate an abdominal radiograph?

  • Divide the lateral abdomen into 6 zones
  • Divide the DV or VD abdomen into left and right hemi-abdomen
  • Label zone by standard nomenclature

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