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What do you think is the cause with proportionate
1. Increased wt:height
2. Decreased or normal wt:height

1. Endocrinopathies
2. Inadequate calories, chronic disease


How to calculate the mid parental height

BOYS: [fathers height + mothers height + 13] /2
GIRLS: [fathers height + mothers height - 13] /2


Potential causes if a child is
1. Short and obese
2. Short and thin
3. Tall and obese

1. Hormone deficiency (not cortisol or ADH), syndrome
2. Malnutrition, malabsorption, systemic disease, constitutional delay, cortisol or ADH deficiency
3. Exogenous obesity


What order do you lose growth parameters in if you're starving?

Weight, height, head circumference


Bone age

Can determine the growth potential by evaluating the progression of ossification in the epiphysis of the wrist and hand


Physical features of Turner's syndrome

Short stature
Low posterior hairline
Cubitus valgus
Widely spread nipples
Heart murmur