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b. Recurrent sexual arousal from nonliving objects, non-genital objects
c. Example; shoes are more attractive than the person

fetishistic disorder


a. 6 months of sexual want to cross dressing
b. Doing this for sexual arousal

transvestic disorder


a. Beaten, bound, made to suffer gives sexual arousal
b. Only when making the person unhappy

sexual masochism disorder


a. Sexual arousal from psychological suffering of another person
b. Acted on nonconsenting person

sexual sadism disorder


a. Sexual arousal from observing an unsuspected person who is naked or participating in sexual acts
b. Must be someone who doesn’t know they are being watched
c. A 6 month period

voyeuristic disorder


a. Sexual arousal from exposing their genitals to an unexpecting person
b. Acting on behaviors from a nonconsenting person
c. 6 months or more
d. Commonly prosecuted disorder

exhibitionstic disorder


a. Sexual arousal from touching or rubbing against a nonconsenting person
b. Typically clothed
c. Typically a crowded place, bus etc, or a place where it is in tight space trying not to be noticed

frotteuristic disorder


sexual arousal from children who haven’t reached puberty
a. Needs to be at least 6 years of age
b. Person must be at least 5 years older than child
c. Attracted to both girls and boys

pedophilic disorder


person wets the bed or clothes
a. Multiple times a weak
b. Person needs to be old enough to be able to hold their bladder
c. Commonly treated by an alert system in underwear



person repeatedly poops in clothing or floor whether voluntary or involuntary
a. At least once a month
b. Person must at least be 4 years old



trouble falling asleep, maintain asleep, or not able to fall back asleep after waking
a. Distressed they aren’t getting sleep and are tired
b. Concerned about their sleep quality
c. Occurs frequently and for a long amount of time



person has multiple sleep episodes in one day
a. May have prolonged sleep episodes of more than 9 hours and still tired
b. Have difficulty being fully awake after being awake
c. Distress and impairments

hypersomnolence disorder


recurrent periods of a need to sleep or napping in the same day
a. Has a biological problem going on
b. Psychological things
c. Brief sudden falling asleep



 Person has been hooked up to breathing monitors in a sleep lab
 Sleep lab evidence of sleep apnea

obstructive sleep apnea hyponea


 Person has sleep apnea because of brain not telling them to breathe

central sleep apnea


 Person breathes less while they sleep

sleep related hyperventilation


completely awakens from sleep and walks around, unresponsive to other people
 Normally harmless
 Needs to be happening recurrently

sleep walking type


person actual sleep isnt working



abrupt terror arousals
 Person doesn’t remember or know they were screaming etc
 Common in children

sleep terrors


the person has repeated stressful nightmares

nightmare disorders


 Person has urge to move their legs
 Is worse when they are at rest

rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorders


 Person has a persistent pattern of sleep disruption due to a misalignment with you and the world or your circadian rhythm

circadian rhythm sleep wake disorder


 Sleep cycle is off, might sleep fewer hours at night but want more sleep in the morning

delayed sleep phase type


 Sleep cycle is also off, every night they’re tired very early and wake up too early

advanced sleep phase type


caused by person having a timing of sleep wake cycle that is variable

irregular sleep wake type


works irregular shifts and has to adjust

shift type


• Relational problems
o Family upbringing
 Child might have problems with siblings
 Adult may have problems with child
o Primary support group
• Abuse and Neglect
o sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, an psychological abuse
• Educational and Occupational problems

environmental circumstances


lack of interest

1. Male hyperactive sexual desire disorder


a. Absent sexual interest, unreceptive to partners attempts to initiate sex
b. Clinic distress on the person

female sexual interest/arousal disorder


a. Difficulty gaining an errection during sexual activity
i. Or staying hard enough

erectile disorder


amount of time it takes a man to obtain an orgasm
i. For at least 6 months
b. Ejaculation is longer than he wants or doesn’t ejaculation

delayed ejacuclation for men


female orgasmic disorder

delay or abscence of an orgasm


a. One minute after entering vagina
b. Ejaculates too early

6. Premative (EARLY) Ejaculation


a. Pain during sex
b. Fear about the pain

7. Genetial Pelvic/Penetration Disorder