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_____________ – A coma induced by extremely high blood sugar levels, from eating wrong type of foods & not getting exercise or taking insulin as required




Diabetic Coma

(Absolute Contraindication - General Condition)


 ______________  – Condition induced by not eating enough, exercising too much or having too much insulin for amount of sugar in their blood 




Insulin Shock

(Absolute Contraindication - General Condition)


 ____________ is the inability of the liver to carry out, one or more, of its essential functions.



Liver Failure

(Absolute Contraindication - General Condition)


____________ is the inability to breath or extreme difficulty breathing, due to poor air quality or physical exertion in those that are susceptible 




Severe Asthmatic Attack

(Absolute Contraindication - General Condition)


Medical term for all or partially collapsed lung; a condition in which the lung cannot expand





(Absolute Contraindication - General Condition)


___________________ – Trauma to the head or neck affecting blood flow to the brain including but not limited to, stroke



Cerebrovascular Accident

(Absolute Contraindication - General Condition)


Identify at least 6 complications of diabetes that if it accompanies diabetes it may require first aid or medical attention.


Post-CVA (Unstable)

Post myocardial infarction (Unstable)

Advance Heart Disease

Unstable High BP




Severe Atherosclerosis

Severe, undiagnosed headaches (over 50 y/o)


Significant Fever

Systemic Contagious/ Infectious Condition

Some highly metastatic cancers not judged terminal  


_____________ - Heart attack (due to lack of oxygen/blood to the heart muscle) 



Myocardial Infarction

(Absolute Contraindication - General Condition)


___________ - A chronic systemic disease marked by inflammation of multiple synovial joints



Rheumatoid Arthritis

(Absolute Contraindication - Local Condition)


__________________ - A chronic auto-immune inflammatory disease involving multiple organ systems and marked by periodic acute episodes. Its name is derived from the characteristic erythematous “butterfly” rash over the nose and cheeks 



Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

(Absolute Contraindication - Local Condition)


______________  – Pregnancy where fertilized ovum attaches outside the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube



Ectopic Pregnancy

(Absolute Contraindication - Local Condition)


_______________ - A blood clot in one or more of the deep veins of the legs (the most common site), or the veins of arms, pelvis, neck, axilla or chest. The clot may damage the vein or may embolize to other organs (e.g., the heart or lungs)




Deep Vein Thrombosis

(Absolute Contraindication - Local Condition)


___________ is the condition wherein there is inflammation of a vein in conjunction with the formation of a thrombus (adhering blood clot) 




(Absolute Contraindication - Local Condition)


This condition is described as a localized abnormal dilatation of a blood vessel, usually an artery; due to a congenital defect or weakness in the wall of the vessel (life threatening would be in a vessel that impacts one or more vital organs)




(Absolute Contraindication - Local Condition)


This condition is described as a chronic progressive inflammatory disorder that involves primarily the joints between articular processes, costovertebral joints and sacroiliac joints




Ankylosing Spondylitis

(Absolute Contraindication)


This is a pain syndrome characterized by an abnormal response of the nerves of the face or an extremity, marked by pain, autonomic dysfunction, vasomotor instability and tissue swelling (usually initiated by trauma)



Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

(Absolute Contraindication - Local Condition)


This pain syndrome is described as intense burning pain accompanied by trophic skin changes, due to injury of nerve fibers 




(Absolute Contraindication - Local Condition)


This condition is described as any nonprogressive but often changing, motor impairment syndromes secondary to lesions or anomalies of the brain, arising in the early stages of its development



Cerebral Palsy

(General Condition req. Modification)


_________ is paralysis in one side of the body usually due to brain damage




(General Condition req. Modification)


___________ is a condition having temporary, repetitive or sustained disruptions in nerve impulse conduction, causing symptoms such as muscular weakness or numbness, due to destruction of myelin sheaths of neural axons



Multiple Sclerosis

(General Condition req. Modification)


This condition is described as a degenerative disease of the central nervous system that produces movement disorders in the elderly population



Parkinsons Disease

(General Condition req. Modification)


This condition is characterized by the inability of the heart to circulate blood effectively enough, to meet the body's metabolic needs



Congestive Heart Failure

(General Condition req. Modification)


___________ is a chronic pulmonary disease marked by an abnormal increase in the size of air spaces, distal to the terminal bronchiole, with destruction of the alveolar walls; also pathological distention of interstitial tissues by gas





(General Condition req. Modification)


_____________ – overuse or imbalance of jaw muscles which may result in teeth grinding (bruxism) or locked jaw 



Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

(Local Condition req. Modification)


This is a type of fracture usually due to stress, such as shin splints in runners



Stress Fracture Site

(Local Condition req. Modification)


This condition is characterized by intermittent attacks of pallor or cyanosis of the small arteries and arterioles of the fingers, as the result of inadequate arterial blood flow 



Raynaud's phenomenon

(Local Condition req. Modification)


A condition that causes shoulder pain with restricted movement even though there is no obvious intrinsic shoulder disease



Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

(Local Condition req. Modification)


This condition is characterized by infection of the uterus, fallopian tube and adjacent pelvic structures when not associated with surgery or pregnancy



 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 

(Local Condition req. Modification)


What type of edema maintains the depression produced when pressing firmly by the finger?



Pitting Edema

(Local Condition req. Modification)


_________ is described as sudden unilateral facial paralysis 



Bell's Palsy (CN VII affectation)

(Local Condition req. Modification)