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Identify at least 6 sites of the body wherein the therapist must proceed with caution when treating that particular area

Endangerment Sites:

Upper lumbar area, superficial to kidneys 
    Inferior to the ear
   Lateral neck
     Ulnar notch (Funny bone)
Axilla (Armpit)
Cubital area (Front of elbow)
Popliteal fossa (Back of knee)


Identify important considerations in massage therapy.

  1. How and when to consult health care professionals
  2. Medications
  3. Client's allergies
  4. Presence of pins, staples, or artificial joints


A person should not be touched without their consent, and to do so invades their ____________.




Boundaries (Personal space)


Give at least 5 boundary issues that may help you to alert you of an issue and for you to practice good boundary behaviour.

(Answer can be personal; answers posted are some of Dr. Ben Benjamin's column in Massage Therapy Journal)

This client feels more like a friend than a client.
I sometimes choose my clothing with this particular client in mind.
This client is very seductive and I often don’t know how to handle it.
I allow this client to comfort me.
I often feel hooked or lost with this client and advice from colleagues and former teachers hasn’t helped.
I sometimes hate this client.
I’m doing so much on this client’s behalf I feel exhausted.  
I have hired this client to work for me.
I find myself saying a lot about myself with this client - telling stories, engaging in peer-like conversation.
If I were to list people in my clientele with whom I could envision myself in a sexual relationship, this client would be on the list.


Give at least 3 examples of difficult situations that you may encounter as a massage therapist.

Answers may be personal; answers in the card are from the module.

How do I deal with my client’s disclosure that he/she is HIV positive?
How do I treat a person whose sexual orientation I find offensive?
How do I tell a person I don’t want to treat her/him anymore?  
What do I do if a client starts acting or speaking to me in a sexual manner?
What if a classmate is making me feel uncomfortable, or is not respecting my


"The reason we need to massage this area is because there are muscles that attach to the thorax that are also attached to the neck and to the arm. In order for these muscles to relax. I need to treat the muscle belly and the attachments of these muscles." This is an example of a __________.




Rationale (Reason for Treatment)


"The benefits of massage are to increase circulation in the body, increase lymph drainage and help you to relax. The short-term goals would be to help relax your tight muscle. The long-term goals would be for stress reduction." This is an example of _______________.



[Explaining to the client the] Benefit of Treatment and Short term & Long term Goals


"Sometimes after a massage treatment, you may notice some muscle soreness or a light headache." This is an example of _______________. 




[Explaining to the client the] Risks of getting treatment


"If you feel uncomfortable in any way, you have the ability to stop or modify the treatment anytime, just let me know." This is an example of ________________ the client.