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Which is preferable: Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid for acne?

Benzoyl peroxide


Should most ppl start w/ BP 2.5% or 5%?

BP 5% (2.5% for ppl w/ sensitive skin)


"I have dry skin. What kind of BP dosage form should I use?"

"I would recommend that you use a lotion or cream version of BP"


"I have oily skin. What kind of BP dosage form should I use?"

"I would recommend that you use the gel version of BP"


What must the pt do when he/she starts using BP for the first time?

Build up tolerance to it since it's quite irritating at the beginning of treatment.

>15 minutes more ea. night up to 4 hours > then entire night


What should we do if there's acne elsewhere on the body?

Refer (since the pt likely needs systemic treatment)


What should the pt's expectations be?

4-6 weeks to start seeing improvements

8-12 weeks max for improvements


How do we know the treatment is working in the beginning of treatment?

Worsening in the beginning > this is a sign that it's WORKING


What questions should we ask when counselling an ind on their acne?

1. Location: Is there acne anywhere else on the body? (If yes, then need oral antibiotics > refer)
2. History: When did it start?
3. History: Has it gotten worse, or stayed pretty much the same?
4. Regimen: What is the pt's skin care regimen?


What should the pt's regimen be?

Gentle cleanser (w/ no alcohol, no soap, fragrance-free) < or = 2 times per day


What is considered "too much" when using skin care products?

>2 times per day


What 8 questions should be mentioned during the pharmacist-patient interaction?

1. Is this for yourself or for someone else?

2. Have you seen a doctor?

3. Any other relevant medical conditions (e.g. allergies)? Currently on any Rx/OTC/Herbal meds?

4. Have you tried using anything to help with your acne?

5. Selects suitable product based on case aspects and patient preferences

6. Tells patient how to use product

7. Side effects

8. Tells patient how to monitor for treatment success/when pt should start seeing effects (worsens in the beginning, 4-6 weeks, 8-12 weeks max improvement)


Name three things that can cause acne as a side effect:

1. Long term corticosteroid use
2. Phenytoin
3. Lithium


How often should BP be used?

od hs


How do you know if your cleansing regimen is too much?

Skin feels tight


Should spot treatment be used?

No; wash the entire face


What does BP do to clothes?

Bleaches them


Side effects of BP?

1. Skin redness
2. Stinging
3. Burning