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For a person who smokes 1 pack (> or = 25 cigs) or more of cigarettes a day, what strength of nicotine gum would you recommend?

4 mg gum


For a person who smokes less than 1 pack (<25 cigs) of cigarettes a day, what strength of nicotine gum would you recommend?

2 mg


When would you not recommend the gum?

When the individual has jaw problems/pain


When is the gum especially useful?

When the pt has strong cravings


What strength of gum is recommended for a person who smokes within 30 mins of waking up?

4 mg


Order these in order of effectiveness for smoking cessation:
1. patch
2. instant release
3. combination

combination > patch > instant release


What does caffeine do to nicotine absorption in the mouth?

It decreases nicotine absorption in the mouth


Why is gum monotherapy not recommended?

Chewing a gum all the time isn't convenient.


How long should a nicotine patch be left on?

Preferably 24 h, but it should usually be taken off at night before bed (nightmares if left on)


How to use patch?

1. Apply to upper body/outer arm/hip
2. Skin should be clean, dry, non-hairy, healthy skin
3. Rotate sites every 7 days (i.e. don't use same site within 7 days)


For how many weeks are the Step 1, 2, and 3 patches generally used?

Step 1: 6 weeks (Start here for those who smoke >10 cigs a day)
Step 2: 2 weeks (Start here for those who smoke <10 cigs a day; 6 weeks if pt starts w/ this)
Step 3: 2 weeks

--> This is NOT a hard and fast rule; adjustable based on patient's motivation, needs, and desires.


T or F: The pt has failed the therapy if he/she slips by having a cigarette.


Continue therapy.


What questions should be asked/things should be done during the pharmacist-patient interaction?

1. Is this for yourself or for someone else?

2. Have you seen a doctor about quitting?

3. Any other relevant medical conditions (e.g. allergies)? Currently on any Rx/OTC/Herbal meds?

4. Have you tried quitting before? What did you use? Why did it fail? Do you have a cigarette 30 mins within waking? How many packs per day?

5. Selects suitable product(s) based on case aspects and patient preferences

6. Tells patient how to use product

7. Side effects

8. Tells patient how to monitor for treatment success/when pt should start seeing effects


Side effects of nicotine gum?

1. Nausea (esp. w/ faster chewing)
2. Mouth irritation


Side effects of nicotine patch?

1. Mild itching
2. mild burning
3. mild tingling

--> Should go away after an hour


How to chew a nicotine gum?

"Bite, bite, park"

Chew until strong, peppery taste, then rest until taste goes away, then repeat