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When treating lice, what's the first thing that should be investigated?

The presence of a LIVE infestation (i.e. live lice) [the presence of nits doesn't prove live infestation]


How should a live infestation be confirmed (i.e. using what method?)

"Wet combing method"

1. Put white conditioner into hair
2. Use a lice fine to trap any possible live lice


If the child is > or = 2 mths old, what lice insecticide products can be used?

1. pyrethrins w/ piperonyl butoxide (R and C product)
2. permethrin 1% (Nix, Kwellada-P)


How to use pyrethrins w/ piperonyl butoxide (R and C product)?

1. Apply to DRY hair
2. Leave in for 10 mins
3. Work into hair to create a lather
4. Rinse
5. Repeat in 7-10 days


How to use permethrin 1% (Nix, Kwellada-P)?

1. Wash hair w/ conditioner-free shampoo, rinse, and towel dry
2. Saturate hair and scalp w/ product
3. Leave in for 10 mins
4. Rinse
5. Repeat in 7 days


Side effects associated w/ insecticides used to kill lice?

1. Mild burning
2. Itching
3. Redness


When would anti-lice PHYSICAL agents be used (as opposed to chemical insecticides)

1. When insecticides weren't successful
2. When parents don't want to use insecticides on their children


Name two physical agents used to treat lice:

1. isopropyl myristate (Resultz)
2. dimeticone (NYDA)


How to use isopropyl myristate?

1. Protect eyes and clothes w/ towel
2. Apply to DRY hair and scalp
3. Leave in for 10 mins
4. Rinse
5. Repeat in 7 days


How to use dimeticone?

1. Spray dimeticone (NYDA) all over DRY hair
2. Massage product into hair and scalp
3. Leave for 30 mins
4. Comb hair w/ NYDA's lice comb
5. Sleep
6. Morning: Wash w/ reg. shampoo
7. Repeat in 8-10 days


What age is recommended for isopropyl myristate (Resultz)?

>4 yrs


What age is recommended for dimeticone (NYDA)?

> or = 2 years


What should always be done after the first application of either an insecticide or physical agent?

Nitpicking w/ lice comb


What can be done at home to prevent spread of lice?

1. Minimize direct contact w/ infested ind
2. Don't share personal items
3. Wash clothes/linens in washer on HOT cycle
4. Soak combs and brushes in very hot water for 10 mins or w/ pediculicide shampoo
5. Examine all other family members


What should be done if family members are found to have live infestations of lice?

Treat them ASAP


Should family members be treated prophylactically?

No! (except maybe for children who share a bed w/ child who has lice)


When can a child be sent back to school?

1. Lice infestations = low contagion
2. little risk for others in classroom
3. Child should remain in school, but avoid close direct head contact w/ others


What 8 things should be mentioned to pt/pt's parents regarding treatment of lice?

1. Is this for yourself or for someone else?

2. Have you seen a doctor?

3. Any other relevant medical conditions (e.g. allergies)? Currently on any Rx/OTC/Herbal meds?

4. Have you tried any lice products before?

5. Select suitable product based on case aspects and patient preferences (consider age of child and other products used)

6. Tells patient how to use product (including to use lice comb everyday for 7 days until re-application)

7. Side effects

8. Tells patient how to monitor for treatment success/when pt should start seeing effects


Side effects associated w/ isopropyl myristate and dimeticone (physical agents) used for lice therapy?

1. irritation
2. mild itching
3. staining