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What Army regulation covers ACS

AR 608-1


What Does ACS stand for

Army Community Service


What does the ACS symbol represent

The heart = giving, the cross = help, the gyroscope = stability


What is the ACS mission statement

The mission of the ACS center is to—Facilitate commander’s ability to provide comprehensive, coordinated, and responsive services that support readiness of soldiers, civilian employees and their families.
Maximize technology and resources, adapt to unique installation requirements, eliminate duplication in service delivery, and measure service effectiveness.


How is ACS staffed for the most part?

By volunteers


What is the motto of the ACS

Self-help, service and stability.


Who qualifies for ACS

In the United States,the following personnel are eligible for ACS assistance: 
All active duty and retired military personnel and their family members, if otherwise eligible for services.
Members of the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve when on active duty and their family members, if otherwise eligible for services.  Army appropriated fund(APF) and non appropriated fund (NAF) employees and their family members, if otherwise eligible for services.   Family members of prisoners of war or personnel missing in action, if otherwise eligible for services.  Surviving family members of military personnel who died while on active duty, if otherwise eligible for services.In overseas commands, the Commander will determine eligibility according to international treatise and agreements. 


What can you do to help out ACS

Donate Staple foodstuff to the food lockers, usable household goods, and volunteer your time.