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What Army Regulation covers Red Cross

AR 930-5


What is the major service that Red Cross offers

Communication between soldiers and their families for both problem solving and emergency (especially the notification or "Red Cross message")


What are some activities that the American Red Cross offers

AIDS education

-Blood drives

-Communication services (by wire)

-Counseling and referral services

-CPR instruction

-Financial assistance

-Health and safety services

-Swimming lessons

-Transplantation services


What are some activities sponsored by the Red Cross?

Blood drives

-CPR classes

-Emergency notifications

-Swimming classes

How is the American Red Cross (ARC) mostly staffed?

By volunteers


What are some of the services the Red Cross provides

Counseling for personal and family problems

-Disaster assistance

-Emergency communications between Soldiers and their families

-Emergency financial assistance

-Reporting service for emergency leave purposes


Where would an individual seeking training/certification in CPR go for assistance

The American Red Cross


What size unit when alerted for intact overseas deployment, requests for assigned Red Cross personnel to accompany them

Brigade-size or larger


Who in the Red Cross are authorized to act upon requests from Army commanders exercising general court-martial jurisdiction by obtaining home conditions reports?

Red Cross field directors


In time of war, are Red Cross personnel subject to trial by courts-martial under the circumstances set forth in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)?



What services does the Red Cross perform with respect to prisoners of war?

Handles inquiries concerning welfare of prisoners of war

-Obtains names of prisoners of war, through the Department of Defense, so that Red Cross services may be made available to their dependents, if necessary

-Aids in the preparation and packaging of (and may provide) food packets, clothing, medical kits, comfort articles, and other supplies, and may assist in their distribution