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How does the NCO Support channel Support the Chain of Command

It parallels and complements the chain of command


Para 2-18 What is the NCO Support Channel

It is a channel of communication and supervision from the command sergeant major (CSM) to first sergeant (1SG) and then to other NCOs and enlisted personnel of the units


What duties will the NCO support channel assist the chain of command in accomplishing

1. Transmitting, instilling, and ensuring the efficacy of the professional Army ethic
2. Planning and conducting the day-to-day unit operations within prescribed policies and
3. Training of enlisted Soldiers in their MOS as well as in the basic skills and attributes of a Soldier
4. Supervising unit physical fitness training and ensuring that unit Soldiers comply with the weight and appearance standards of AR 600–9 and AR 670–1
5. Teaching Soldiers the history of the Army, to include military customs, courtesies, and traditions
6. Caring for individual Soldiers and their Families both on and off duty
7. Teaching Soldiers the mission of the unit and developing individual training programs to support the mission
8. Accounting for and maintaining individual arms and equipment of enlisted Soldiers and unit equipment under their control
9. Administering and monitoring the Noncommissioned Officer’s Development Program, and other unit training programs
10. Achieving and maintaining courage, candor, competence, commitment, and compassion


Describe the Position of Sergeant Major of the Army

The senior sergeant major grade and designates the senior enlisted position of the Army


Describe the Position of Command Sergeant Major

This position title designates the senior NCO of the command at battalion or higher levels and carries out policies and standards, and advises the commander on the performance, training, appearance, and conduct of enlisted Soldiers they also establish the unit’s Noncommissioned Officer’s Development Program


Describe the Position of First Sergeant?

Designates the senior NCO at company level and they administer the unit Noncommissioned Officer’s Professional Development Program


Describe the Position of Platoon Sergeant

Key assistant and adviser to the platoon leader and In the absence of the platoon leader, the platoon sergeant leads the platoon


Do NCO’s have the authority to apprehend any person subject to trial by court-martial under the MCM



Can NCO’s order enlisted Soldiers into arrest or confinement per the MCM

Yes; if authorized by their commanders


Do NCO’s have authority to impose nonjudicial punishment on other enlisted Soldiers under the MCM



Can a NCO deliver the DA Form 2627 (Record of Proceedings under UCMJ, ART. 15) and inform the Soldier of his or her rights

Yes; an NCO in the grade of Sergeant First Class or above


In cases of nonjudicial punishment who should the Commander seek recommendations from

They should seek recommendations from the NCO’s in the Soldier’s NCO support channel


What is a Key Tool that NCO’s have that is essential to furthering the efficiency of the company, battery, or troop

Corrective Actions


Are Corrective Actions the same as NonJudicial Punishment

No; Corrective Actions are Nonpunitive measures


What is the purpose of Corrective Actions?

To correct actions and also to prevent incidents that make it necessary to resort to trial by courts-martial or to impose nonjudicial punishment


What is the function of NCO’s on work details?

NCO’s can only serve as supervisory roles on work details


What is the function of NCO’s on Guard Duty

NCO’s can only function as NCOs of the guard


What Privileges should a Commander give to NCO’s

NCO’s should be granted certain Privileges to enhance the prestige of their enlisted troop leaders