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What does Banquo do

Reviles he is struggling against ambition but believes manhood is acting honourably something they both once shared.
Banquo reminds us of what a good king he is granted LM a diamond


Quote showing Banquo will remain pure

“My bosom franchis’d and alliance clear”


Quote showing Macbeth turning him down

“I think not of them “


Quote showing the dagger

“A dagger of the mind, a false creation”


Quote showing the killing

“Bloody business”


2 quotes showing nature

“Nature seemed dead”

“I heard an owl scream and the crickets cry”


3 quotes showing Macbeth’s quilt

“Sorry sight”
“I could Not say amen “
“Wake Duncan with thy knocking”


2 quotes mocking Macbeth

“Foolish thought”
“Eye of childhood”


What does Macbeth obsess over

The idea of sleep as a place of rest and is so tranquil and allows people to calm down p, Macbeth feels he has violated human life as murdered Duncan while sleeping
Decent to paranoyer


What does nature do before th murder

Already starts going haywire and Macbeth can’t decide ifthe dagger is a figure of imagination
First sign on insanity


What does LM do

Isn’t completely cold blooded as looks like dad foreshadowing guilt. Macbeth’s nervousness juxtaposes LMs calm behaviour
Naive believing the water will wash away her guilt
Faints to avoid further questioning
The murder kept a secret becomes there defining trait which consumes them


What does the porter do

Scene of ironic comedy as imagines he is guarding hell but with the murder of Duncan he really is guarding a place connoting hell


What does Macduff do

Introduced as Layla and open and perhaps suspects Macbeth upas watches him kill the guards


Who are Malcom and Donald bain

Sons of kings who flee realising any one of the thanes could be faking their grief however this make them look guilty