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Does Banquo suspect Macbeth

Yes but his own ambition occupies his mind , however Macbeth still wants to kill Banquo because he resents his honour. Macbeth feels guilty for killing him and this guilt drives him to commit other crimes


How does Macbeth convince the murderers

Uses the same methods Lady Macbeth uses to convince him questioning their manhood


What is happening with Lady Macbeth

Ponders why she continues to be dissatisfied with her existence, she acknowledges her complete success but still remains unhappy. Before she believe murdering Duncan would generate positive results now she concluded just the opposite.
She would trade political power to be guilt free as it wasn’t worth it


What happens with Banquo and his son

Macbeth sends to kill them, Banquo dies gleaned escapes. Banquo s ghost taunts Macbeth could be a figment of his imagination or real the uncertainty emphasises that fate Ia part of him and caused by his ambition and guilt


What does Macbeth try to do

Try’s to control fair but this seals his doom
Presents himself as being totally immersed in murder and then clarifies he is to far into the metaphorical pool of blood to stay afloat foreshadowing his downfall he beloved what he is done is unescapable and trying to shift destinies is pointless


Quote showing bad quotes ambition

Father of many kings


Quote showing Banquo leaving

“I must become a borrower if the night


2 quotes showing the talk between Macbeth and murderers

“We are men, my liege”

“Banquo was your enemy”


Quote showing lady Macbeth regret

“Where desire if got without content”


Quote showing fleance alive

“We have scorch’d the snake, not kill’d it”


Quote showing fleance will be an issue

“The worm that’s fled hath nature that in time will venom breed”


2Quote showing the ghost of Banquo

“Enter ghost of Banquo”

“Take any shape but that”


Quote showing Macbeth will pay

“Blood with have blood”