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quote showing the witches cauldron

eye of newt, and toe of frog


3 quotes showing the apparition

an armed head
a bloody child
a child crowned with a tree in his hand


quote showing the tress moving up

great birnam wood to high dunsinane hill


quote showing LMacduff questioning Macduff

his wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls


2 quotes showing LMacduffs son

if he were dead. you'd weep for him
he has kill'd me,mother


quote showing ross defending macduff

he is noble, wise, judicous


quote personify scotland and macduff weeping

it weeps, it bleeds and each new day a gash
o nation miserable!


quote tricking macduff

black macbeth will seem pure as snow


2 quotes showing king edward

heavenly gift
how he solicits heaven


2 quotes showing macduff angry going to kill macbeth

let greif convert to anger
macbeth is ripe for shaking


why does macbeth get angry at the witches

macbeth is furious at the sign of banquos tiers will get the throne and demands answers and hecate mocked him and they vanish


what could the king symbolising the mirror represent

king james who shared the same blood as banjo, witches manipulating his thoughts


what does lennox tell macbeth

arrives with news that macduff fled to england and macbeth scolds himself for not killing him, he vows in the future to act on impulse and decided to attack macduffs castle to kill anyone attached to him. ambition and far have pushed macbeth to the final step is no longer targeting political enemies but also their innocent families


what do we learn about the son

he is beyond his years, noting those who put themselves above society far outnumber those the common good above their selfish ambitions


what has macbeth lost

macbeth ordered the murder of the innocent signifying his loss of all humanity is complete.


what could be macduffs mistake

underestimating macbeths brutality, the suspicions of him are heightened by him choosing to leave his family . however macduff proves that he is love for scotland is true and greater than his ambition


what do we learn about the witches

one makes a pronouncement on impending evil, showing the are able to sense what will unravel in the futur, they also described macbeth as the wicked one so they are just observers of fate rather than evil creatures. there prophecies may have been accurate but it was macbeths wickedness that caused him to pursue it