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Quotes to show Iago is merciless/evil

"Whether he kill Cassio
Or Cassio him , or each do kill the other,
Every way makes my gain"

"O me, Lieutenant! What villains have done this?" - Iago enters with a light, symbolic for bringing the truth yet it is the compete opposite - audience know he is evil and brigs evil.


Quote to show Othello being so wrong in his judgment of Iago's Character.

After Rodrigo and Cassio are wounded:
"O brave Iago, honest and just,
Thou hast such noble sense of thy friend's wrong!
Thou teaches me"


What happens in the beginning of the scene?

Iago makes Roderigo attack Cassio, Cassio isn't hurt as he is wearing chain-mail. Cassio wounds Rodrigo but Cassio himself is wounded by Iago.


Quotes to show they are both wounded:

R: "O, I am slain"

C: "I am maimed forever"


Quote to show Iago hiding the truth & covering up his actions.

“O me, Lieutenant! What villains have done this?” ACT 5 scene i

Covering up his actions, he ordered Roderigo to kill Cassio and he proceeds to kill Roderigo, he covers up his evil ways with fake sympathy- he is the villain.


What is the quote to end Act 5 scene one.

"This is the night
That either makes me or fordoes me quite"


Why is bianca arrested?

Iago says "Gentlemen all, I do suspect this trash
To be a party in this injury"


What does Roderigo say Iago murders him?

"O damned Iago! O inhuman dog!"