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Conflict between Iago and Cassio

he is a man "That never set squadron in the filed, not the division of a battle knows more than a spinster"

"Mere prattle without practise is all his soldiership"


Iago's view of men and how this creates conflict and disorder

"O villainous... I never found a man that knew how to love himself" - these thoughts threaten society and create disorder. He values people who are selfish above those who are noble


How does Iago reveal his conflict with Othello to the audience?

He says "I hate the Moor"

"He holds me well
The better shall my purse work on him."


Quote to show Iago as sly and how this causes the conflict

"super subtle venetian"


Appearance versus Reality

In Othello's soliloquy he says that Iago is "of exceeding honesty" yet Iago says in soliloquy that he will "abuse Othello's ears" by making him believe Cassio is "too familiar with his wife"


Dark Imagery/Symbolism to signify conflict

His evil plans feature dark imagery "Hell and night
Must bring this monstrous birth to the world's light"
-childbirth imagery
-should be +ve but it isn't
-procreation shows the evil will grow and spread
-audience are wary
-His views conflict with society
-Outside God's natural order


How is setting used to show conflict?

The play begins with confusion and conflict as it is set at night, in the street. In medias res. Threatening as it is at night.
Darkness is symbolic as it covers Iago's horrible thoughts in which he is creating conflict as he is threatening the natural order.
He says "I will wear my heart on my sleeve for daws to peck at: I am not what I am"
-bloody and tortuous imagery is covered under the darkness
-Sense of imminent danger

Backdrop of war adds to the sense of chaos and disorder and therefore adds to the conflict.
War in Cyrpus against the Turkish Fleet.
Escalating danger, just like how Iago is an escalating threat.
"My letters say a hundred and seven galleys"; "and mine a hundred and forty"; "and mine two hundred."
due to appearance versus reality no one can see that Iago is the true threat to society.


Act Three Scene Three quotes as a key scene to show conflict

Manipulation - "She did betray your father marrying you."

Poisonous imagery "The moor already changes with my poison"

Soliloquy means he is visually isolated on stage.
Separated visually from Desdemona
"Why did I marry" - Iago has destroyed their love

DRAMATIC IRONY - he loves the one who hates him