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Gross vehicle weight ratings

no more than 26,000 lbs, carry max. 16 passengers including driver. not placarded for transporting hazards


Driving During Suspension or Revocation

An extension of like time up to one year


Occupational License

period of suspension under driver improvemtn. Problem Driver program if suspension revoked fot Title 21 convictions. Not issued if 2 previous in last 12 months & 1st month of suspension. If calc. point reaches 15+ in 24 months. Occupational license not issued until under 15


Mandatory disclosure of SSN

Disclosure of SSN is mandatory if eligible by fed. law see 42 USC section 405 (c)(2)(1)


The transfer of license from other jurisdictions 18 and older for other states

Must apply for DE license w/ in 60 days of residency, turn in previously issued out state driver's license, current certified copy of passport,proof od SSN, and two proods of DE residency. If proper info provided-issued a fed compliant license


Points for speeding 1-9mph over



what is BAC, and what does BAC stands for

blood alcohol concentration

.08 or grater or presence of any drug=DUI

.02 or greater for under 21= revocations until 21

two dui's= no CDLl ever


What 10 things can u not be licensed for

1-  -16yrs for specific license or endorsement

2- Under 18 & havent completed DE dept. of ed. approved driver ed. course

3- Under 18 & can't obtain signature consent on app.(usually parent,legal guardian)

4- License or driving priviliges are suspended/revoked in any jurisdiction

5- Not bona fide resident of DE

6- Don't understnd road signs in english

7- Physically/mentally unable to drive safely(subject to loss of consciousness, diseases of CNS) must finish division w/ written certificate from physcian that driver can drive safely

8- Determined habitual drunkard or to be addicte to use narcotic drugs

9- Unable to show in US legally

10- Person info. differes from info from other agencies 


Calculated Points(carefully read actions steps)

full values 1st 12 months of date of violation,after 12 months expired, calculated points will be credited @ 1/2 point value 4 next 12 months. Actions based upon total calculated points w/in 24 month period



Motorcycle Learner Permit

After passing knowledge test,MLP is given. Good for 6months, can extend for 6 more months,$5 late fee.Restrictions w/ temp. instruction permit:1-no passengers allowed 2-operating motorcycle bewteen sunset-sunrise is prohibited 5- approved safety helmet & eye protection must be worn for operation isnt permitted on fed. interstate hwy system


Whats the 3 exemptions from a driver license requirement

1)Indivisuals driving/operating roller coaster,road machinery, farm tractor, implement husbandry,temporarily on a hwy.

2)Non-resident operatore over 16, licensed in home state, country(must be in possesion)

3) Member of armed forces of U.S. servving active duty, any dependent member possesing valid driver license from their state of domicile


School Expulsion

Driver license suspension for the duration of expulsion


points for speeding 15-19 mph over spee limit



11 things  to have  Suspension of a driver license

1-Has commited any offense for which a revocation is mandatory

2- Has reckless, unlawful operation of motor vehicle from accideent causing eath,injury,serious charge

3-Incompetent to frive motor vehicle for serioud mental/med. reasons

4-Commited serious violation of motor vehicle laws

5- Driven motor veicle w/o consent f owner

6- Issued a non-collectable payment to the dvision

7- Racing(speed exhibition)

8- Spinning wheels

9-Turfing(causing destruction to yard,grass,property)

10- Failing to answer court summons in a ny state

11-Violated an DE Code: Use of fictious,suspened,revoked or borrowed license,loaning license,failure to surrender suspended/revoked license,giving fictious name,address,making false statement applying for license, unlawful manufacture/possesion of false insuarance doc, driving uninsured motor vehicle w/o insurance card possesion,passing stoped school bus


Motorcycle endorsement

Effective 8-4-12, person who operates 2/3 wheeled motor driven vehicle on hwys must have license w/ endorsement. 18+ must pass written exam, road skills test to obtain endorsement, pass knowledge & skills exam by division on 3 wheeled motor vehicle, have restrction on driver license to just 3-wheeled vehicles if under 18 must be signed by legal guardian


5 rules for the transfer of license from oterh jurisdictons under 18 are....

1- Must have complete approved drive ed courses. Dept. of Ed. ensures out of state courses are equivalent to DE driver ed. requirements

2- Must pass written and eye exam, by DMV

3- Application must be signed by approved sponsor

4-Minor applicant issued out of state license for 12+ months, he/she may be eligible 4 Class D operators license

5- If motor applicant was issued an out-of-state license for less than 12 months, he/she may be eligible for level 1 permit


Selective Service

Male applicants sig. on licensed id/ application consitutes consent to be registered w/ selective services system if required


hwy sign and signal test

asked to identify signs by shape,size,color,symbol. Explain meaning and hwy signs,signals and pavement markings


points for disreguarding stop sign/red light



an increase in BAC is an increase In __.

Best Advice: If you drink___ ____.

an increase in BAC is an icnrese in CRASHES

Best Advice: If you drink, DONT DRIVE


Organ Tissue Donor

Applying for license if desires for this, red heart is on license. Once you die, you cant revoke it


The parent/sponsor will... (finish the sentence).

The parent/sponsor will actively partcipate in training the minor & determining when the minor is capable of inreased rving authority


Voter registration

Result of national voter rights 1993, any US citizen in DE who meets requirement can register to vote while obtaining/renewing driver license. @ least 16yrs old & mentally competent to register, 18+yrs of age before day of election to vote. 

ex: felons register if meet requirements by law


10 License Revocations and Suspensions(mandatory)

1-Driving while under influence of liquor/narcotic dugs

2- hit & run driving involving death or injury to another person

3- attempting to flee from police after you recieved visual,audible signal to stop

4- 3 convictions for reckless driving in a period of 12 conesctutive months

5- Contributing to death of anyone by  operating a vehicle

6- The crime of assult in which death occurs from operating vehicle

7-using motor vehivle in comitting any serioud time

8-making flase statement or using fraudulent info

9- underage possesion/consumption of alcohol by persons under 21

10-If you post bond and do not appear in court your license will be revoked


Rules of road test

answer questions of rules of road

ex:what condition should you not pass another vehicle


Road test

eligible to take class D motorcycle road test 10 days after passing rules test, fiven every weekday,except wednesday from 8am-11am & 1:30pm until 3:30pm. Non conducted during inclement weather


notes"DE drinking and Driving laws": Implied Consent

Anyone aressed for driving,operating or having physical control of vehicle, OHV,moped, under the influence, must give consent to submit a chemical test(s) of their blodd, breath,urine to determine alcohol content in blood. If person refuses, tet can be taken w/o consent. Aresting officer will give report of refusal to DMV who can revoke driver's license/priveledge for 1-3yrs depending on previous incidents


points for speeding 10-14mph over



If you operate a motor vehicle on public roadyways in DE you are required to _____________________. You are required to obtain a driver license within ____________________.

If you operate a motor vehicle on public roadyways in DE you are required to have a driver license, & must carry it w/ you. You are required to obtain a driver license within 60 days after becoming a bona fide DE resident.


points for other moving violations (in chapts. 27,41,42 of title 21)



points for the operation of vehcile causing death


*may result in addition actions including suspension


The graduated driver license program is desgined  to...(finish the sentence).

The graduated driver license program is designed to reduce the high accident & fatality rate of minor drivers will recieve addition supervised driving


Distracted driving: Driving instructors estimate that a driver makes ____ decisions for every mile of driving. If you take your eyes off the road while driving __mph for __to___ seconds, you've traveled the length of a foot ball field.

Driving instructors estimate that a driver makes 200 decisions for every mile of driving. If you take your eyes off the road while driving 55mph for 3-4 seconds, you've traveled the length of a foot ball field.


Veteran ID card

Available to DE vets. served in US military/honorably discharged. Free of charge. Must prove service to obtain


Impaired Driving: Nationally alcohol is invoved in___% of the traffic crashed in which someone is killed.

Nationally alcohol is invoved in 36% of the traffic crashed in which someone is killed.


The transfer of license from other jurisdictions 18 and older for other countries


Non-resident drivers 16+ w/ valid driver license by home country 60 days after non-resident driver becomes DE resident, he/she must apply for drivers license. 

Exception: DE has reciprocity agreement w Germany,Taiwan,France, thereby ecempting these drivers from written & road test


Whats the Eligibity for Class D License:

A permit holder who is at least 17, but less than 18, may obtain a Class D license if they have held a Level 1 Learners Permit for at least 12 months...(finish the sentence.

A permit holder who is at least 17, but less than 18, may obtain a Class D license if they have held a Level 1 Learners Permit for at least 12 months, the sponsor has not w/drawn his/her endorsement & applicants driving are not suspended,revoked,cancled.


Class D Operator License

this license includs passenger cars, station wagons, pickup trucks utility vehicles and most panerl trucks.


Replacement License

if lost or stolen,destroyed can apply to Division for replacement to be issued; replacement fee of $20 since beginning of oct. 2015


passenger limit is

16 passengers or less


What is the Transfer of License from other jursidictions under 18?

Those persons who are at least 16 but less than 18 and were issued a license by another state must obtain a DE license w. in 60 days of becoming a resident


Level one license restrictions

1- Permit must be in possesion of permit holder when driving a motor vehicle

2- Permit holder & all passengers under 18 must wear saftey belt/secured in child safety seat while in motion

3- Permit holder must not operate motor vehicle while using a cell phone, text, simular electronic device

4- No passengers other than adult supervisor can be in vehicle during a year of valid driving authority

5- Permit holder is under mandatory supervision(proper licensed driver) @ least 25 w/ class D license for 5 years. No other person than supervising driver can be in front seat

6- 1st 6 months, level1 learne's permit-must be supervised all times, sponsor shall certify permit holder for 50hrs, 10 of which is at night

7- First 6 months of valid Level 1 permit driving authority; drive unsupervised 6am-10pm and supervised, except holder supervised to check/work activites, no passengers than adult supervisor and one other passenger in vehicle

8- Person's who violate Level One permit restrictions are considerd as driving w/o license which results in 2 month suspension for the irst offense and 4 month suspension for supsequent offenses.


a Habitual Offender is what

3 offenses in 5 years


Driver Improvement Problem Driver Program:

The goal of this program is ____ _______. Reinstatement fee___.

Goal: Crash Prevention

Reinstatement Fee: $25.00


All drivers must sign license application and answer appropriate questions on that form. If licensed in another state you must...___. If eligible for a SSN it must be submitted. Most licenses are issued for 5 yrs from the driver's _____ at a cost of $___. EACH DRIVER MUST PASS A _____. EVERY DRIVER LICENSE APPLICANT IS SUBJECT TO A WRITTEN & ROAD TEST

All drivers must sign license application and answer appropriate questions on that form. If licensed in another state you must surender their licence from the other state. If eligible for a SSN it must be submitted. Most licenses are issued for 5 yrs from the driver's birthday at a cost of $40. EVERY DRIVER LICENSE APPLICANT IS SUBJECT TO A WRITTEN & ROAD TEST. EACH DRIVER MUST PASS A eye-dcreening examination.


points for Speeding 20+ mph over


*may result in additional actions including suspension


License renewal for 5 yr license and late fee price

License Renewal

$25 for 5 yr license

$1.15 late fee


You must apply for a license __ ______ ___ _____.

You must apply for a license IN PERSON AT DMV


Address Change

max. 30 days after address change to notifiy Vehile registration & DE license section of DMW,the DMV, driver license Po Box. 698, Dover DE, 19903 


Name Change

30 days after legally changing na,e. must personally go to DMV office and change name on license. Allow 72 hrs afterward and issue new license


defensive driving courses is a __ point credit

3 point credit


Restricted License

if you have a disability that interferes w/ driving safely.-Special exams required. Common ec: restricted license requiring driver to wear glasses or dont drive at night


In DE in 2013, __% of fatal crashes involved alcohol. No one can drink and drive_____!!!

In DE in 2013, 47% of fatal crashes involved alcohol. No one can drink and drive safely!!!


Exchange Student Licensing Procedures meaning and 6 steps

After completeing an approved driver ed. training program, or exchange student may apply for a Level 1 learners permit must:

1- typed notarized statement from their parent,granting permission to apply & issued license

2- If under 18,spondoring fam. must sign app. &assume liability for minor

3- Certified birth certificate(in english) & legal presence doc.

4- SSN if eligible

5- Driver ed. training certificate, if under 18

6- $40.00 will be charged for 8yr license


point credit, defensive driving

Violation of moh over speed limit,not assesd points, if 1st violation w/in 3yr period;ticket is paid through voluntary asesment center or alderman's court recors as guilty mail in/online


vison screening

to determine if you can see well enough to drive safely, if screening shows you need glasses/contacts - license will say you cant drive legally w/o min.20/40 w/ or w/o lense/glasses. daylight only 20/40 & 20/50


Aggresive driving

intent: Identify aggresive driving & behaviors and fix through trainging program Defined: exsting Title 21 offense. Fined $100-$300 for 1st offense, must complete behavoral modification/attitudinal-driving course w/in 90 days after conviction


6 things 4 level 1 drivers license

1- Must be 16, not over 18

2- Must present DE Driver Ed certificate as proof of passed course

3- Must provide doc. proving applicants name,DOB,SSN, if possible two proofs of DE Residency

4- All minor drivers license apps. must be signed by sponsor. (Sponsor: Liable for damages, parents of minor/legal guardian.sign drivers app)

5- Permit holder and all passengers under 18 must be secured in saftey seat booster seat while in motion



the driver exam consits of what 4 things

vision screening

hwy sign and signal test

rules of road test

road test



Megan's law/sex offenders

by signing drive licsence id car, applicant accumulated by DMW, notified system that registration w/ section 4120 of Title II DE,law is madatory for any person convicted in ANY state as 1+ offenses. Form will be permently retained. Fee to add "y" restriction


4 rules for first time applicants over 18

1- Must pass Eye screening+written Test+ Required Fee=60 day permit

2- Road test after 10 days of permit

3- can be a fee of $5


Drowsy Driving: Highway hypnosis

State of being unaware of surroundings

signs: eye close/go out of focus themselves, cant keep head up, disconected throuhgts, dont remember previous driving, cant stop yawning, missed exit


points for driving reclessly



serious speeding

1 advisory letter sent to driver convicted for speeding mph over speed limit. Driver suspended 1 month convicted of driving 25mph over, 3-1yr suspension when convicted driving, 50mph+ over limit.


points for aggresive driving



ID card

$20 fee expires in 4yrs from birthday. Must be resident w/ appropriate docs. by required doc. table. Sponsor must be accompanied if under 18


Next of kin

voluntary program to provide DE cits. w/ valid ID/DRIVER license, option to have diff. emergency contacts in case of emergency register @ dmv website


points for passing a stopped school bus


*may result in additional actions including suspension