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Limitation in # of lights

 no more than 4 lights of 300 candle power or more on the front vehicle lit @ one time. Headlights must be installed 24-54 in. max. from center of lamp 2 ground.


cut outs

prohibited to use a muffler cut out


what 4 times should you use the head lights?

after sunset before sunrise

any other time you cant see beyond 1000ft

Any time you can use windshield wipers

Switch to low beams 500ft before meeting another vehicle or when in 200ft of vehicle youre following


Turn signals

All vehicles after 1953 must have 2 turn signals. Front: may be white-Amber. Back: Amber-red. Both must be visible @ least 100ft in normal sunlight. Vehicles made prior 1953 or during,must have a working signal light


fog lights

2 (white/yellow) lights mounted 12-30in. above ground. Light beams must drop @ least 4 in.



required to be on in snow and other moisture from wildshield


responsibilty of owner

reg. certificate & proof of liability insurance must accompany the motor vehicle whenever it's operated. License plate must be affixed to rear in designated position & have sticker showin yr. & month of expiration on lower right hand corner. Reg. expires @ midnight on day of the month indicated on sticker. NO GRACE PERIOD.



@least 2 white multiple beam lights required. High beams must be aimed & strong enough to reveal persons/vehicles 350ft. Low beams 100ft. Must be adjusted to not blind other drivers w light. When windshield is on, lights must be on.


fine for not having everyone in car buckled

83.50+ court costs


step 3 in registering vehicle

title: make app. 4 DE title & registration. If vehicle coming from a state that issues certification as of a title, certification title, certificate. Must be surrendered to DMV same time app. is filed.(read rest in book)


noise devices

no ordinary vehicle shall be equipped w. any siren ot exhaust or compression whistle


parking of emerg. brake

Must stop vehicle w/ in 54ft going 20mph


rear vision mirror

must be placed so that driver can see any vehicle  traveling in same direction. If view from inside mirror is blocked, vehicle must have outside mirrors on left and right side


other lights and original design changes

no light,lamp,reflector tending to change and original design change-original design/performance of vehicle may be installed


Windshield and windows

Windshiled & all side & rear windows must be made of auto motive saftey glass. No stickers/signs  on glass unless certificates required by law or DMV approved



must make sound able to be heard under normal conditions @ least 200ft away


red lights

Prohibited in front: No ordinary vehicle can have red lights to front of vehicle, Only on emerg. vehicles


studed tires

legal from oct.15-april 15 inclusivel illegal april 16-oct 14. inclusive states vary time periods when permitted; few dont allow @ any time. Must abide by their laws when passing through those states


Stop lights

Amber/red light on the rear when on pedal or break



2 may be mounted. No part of intense beam shall be  no aimed to left of no more than 100ft ahead of the vehicle


out of state inspection

DE residdents who are temp. out of state more than 200 mi may renew reg. by mail. Ex: military, college students. Info. details may be obtained from DMV, Attn:vehicles services Helpdesk


Parking lights

@ least 1 white/Amber light visible from 500ft. & @ least 1 red light visible 500ft. Rear lights must be same as tail lights


step one to registering vehicle

15,30,10 thousannd $ for...

15-bodily injury,death of one person in any one accident

30- for bodily injury or death of 2+ in any accident

10- for injury to.destruction of property of others in any one accident.

first step- establish owner financial responsiblity, by insurance commision to operate in DE. min. coverage listed above


Colored Lights

other than factory- equiped marker lamps & turn signal lamps, no colored lights are permitted on the vehicle. Only on emerg. vehicles



must be adjusted 2 work evenly on all sides & meet fed. braking requirements


License plate light

Must be white& strong enough to see registration plate from 50ft


renewing registration

Prior to reg. renewal-must present proof that the vehicle is covered by adequate liability insurance & have passed the state's vehicle saftey inspection & emission test. may have yourj vehicle inspected anytime 90 days prior to expiration, w.o renewing early. 

$18 fee up to $20 in oct 1,2015


officers may do what if they see anyone in vehicle is not buckled

pull over vehicle. 


towed vehicle

NO motor vehicle shall tow mote than a single vehicle. Drawboard/ connection between cant be more than 15ft. if a chain,rope, cable used, red flag @ least 12 in2 must be attatched to it


license plate additions

unauthorized frames,accesories,designs,symbols on plate-prohibited


step 2 in regestering vehicle

vehicle inspection

poor condition of any equipment items may be cause for ejection$

$10 fee -$20 in oct.1,2015


Marker lights

All passenger vehicles after 1972 require side marker lamps. Must be visible to 500ft & have 4 square inches of luminous lens area of 2 Amber lamps to the front sides & 2 red lamps to the rear. For trailers and motorcycles refer to FMVSS 108 or DMV inspection facility



All passenger vehicles after 1953 require 2 red reflectors to the rear. Vehicles after 1977 require min. 6 reflectors. 2 Amber on front sides, 2 reflectors on rear. 2 red on rear of vehicle. Must be viable 500ft & have 4 square inch of reflective area. Reflectors may be incorporated in light license 4 trailers and motorcycles


Seat belts

must be installef for all front seat occupants. PAssenger cars manufactured after jan. 1, 1968, trucks, buses, and multi-passenger manufactured after july 1,1971


tinted windows

prohibited on front windshield below top 5 inches of the windshield, and on L and R driver side windows. Tint material cant be installed over any lights or license plate. Vehicles w. aftermarket tint t the immediate R or L of the driver must have approved waiver & be kept inside vehicle @ all times


back up lights 

may be mounted on rear of vehicle to project light 4 backing. MAy be from in first 25ft. White/amber color


requirements for applications under 18

app. for a certificate of title must be signed by legla gaurdian, or court appointed custodian(w/ legal doc.) granting consent to the application


DE law required what about seatbelts

all occupants of a vehicle be property restrained in a seat belt/child saftey seat


Flashing lights

prohibited-generally prohibite except emrg. vehicles, school buses,snow removal equipment, any vehicle as means of indication left or right turns,indicating a traffic hazzard)4-way flashers)



Least 2,original design,red lights requires on the rear. Must be visible from 500ft.


Change of name

30 days to apply 4 new reg. card & title. May be done by visiting an office  of the diviison. Must present certificate, old reg., proof of insurance & marrige certificate/court orders envidence $25.$35 fee if theres a lien by oct. 1,2015


change of address

30 days to notifiy vehicle services and driver license sections of DMV. cAN BE SUBMITTED ONLINE @ dmv WEBSITE, Print ur own reg. card. when requesting in writting, include liscense plate # . DMV sends new reg. card 4 free



all vehicles must have muffler in good working order & in constant fed. noise standards must be met. Loud or excessive noise is not permitted