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What 4 things is the ADA caries classification system based on?

2-Anatomic site of origin
4-Activity level


What are the 4 caries locations?

1-Pit and fissure
3-Cervical and smooth surface


What are the 4 categories of the extent/severity of caries?

1-Sound surface
2-Initial mineral loss
3-Moderate mineral loss
4-Advanced mineral loss


If the surface is healthy, no clinically detectable lesions, normal dental tissue and has no radiographic or other signs of caries lesion it is said to be?

Sound surface


The earliest detectable lesions compatible with net mineral loss limited to enamel or cementum or outermost layer of root dentin is the mildest form of caries and called?

Initial lesion

*White or brown presentation with radiolucency up to 1/3 of outer dentin


Deeper demineralization, possibility of enamel surface microcavitation, visible signs of enamel loss with dentin shadowing visible through enamel is what stage of caries?

Moderate mineral loss

*Radiolucency extends into the middle 1/3 of the dentin


Full cavitation through the enamel, completely exposed dentin with radiolucency extending into the inner 1/3 of the dentin is what stage of caries?

Advanced mineral loss (advanced caries)


What are the two caries activity levels?

Arrested (no treatment required)


What is the best predictor of future caries lesions?

Presence of current caries lesions or evidence of caries lesions in the recent past


What are the 4 levels of caries risk?

1-Low risk
2-Moderate risk (early caries)
3-high risk (1 or more cavitated lesions)
4-Extreme risk (1 or more cavitated lesions with severe xerostomia)


Bitewings every 24-36 months, exams every 6-12 months, and use of OTC fluoride toothpaste is a good plan for what caries risk level?

Low risk


Bitewings every 18-24 months, exams every 4-6 months, baseline saliva testing (xylitol if needed) and OTC fluoride toothpaste with 0.05% NaF and varnish is a good plan for which caries risk level?

Moderate risk


Bitewings every 6-18 months, exams every 3-4 months, saliva testing, chlorhexidine gluconate, xylitol, 1.1% NaF toothpaste and NaF varnish is a good plan for what caries risk level?

High risk


Bitewings every 6 moths, exams every 3 months, chorhexidine 0.12%, xylitol, 1.1 % NaF toothpaste, acid neutralizing rinses if needed, and calcium phosphate paste is a good plan for what caries risk level?

Extreme risk (high plus dry mouth)