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adaptive leadership

-stresses the activities of the leader in relation to the work of followers in the contexts in which they find themselves
-leaders encourage their followers to adapt
-newest leadership form


four perspectives of adaptive leadership

1. systems perspective
2. biological perspective
3. service orientation
4. psychotherapy perspective


systems perspective

problems are complex with interconnected parts. problems are dynamic


biological perspective

people develop and evolve by having to adapt to internal cues and the external environment. ability to thrive in new contexts


service orientation

leadership serves people by diagnosing their problems and prescribing possible solutions


psychotherapy perspective

people adapt successfully when they face problems directly, distinguish between fantasy and reality, resolve internal conflicts, and learn new attitudes and behaviors. this is a clinical approach, which often uses training


situational challenges

1. technical: problems that are clearly defined with known solutions that can be implemented through existing organizational procedures (elite sport teams)
2. technical and adaptive: challenges are clearly defined but do not have a straight forward solution. leader and followers both tackle problem (complaining on dizziness)
3. adaptive: problems that are not clear-cut or easy to identify (someone passed out)
low to high interdependence


four archetypes of adaptive change

1. gap between espoused values and behavior
2. competing commitments
3. speaking the unspeakable
4. work avoidance


leadership behaviors

1. get on the balcony
2. identify the adaptive challenge
3. regulate distress
4. maintain disciplined attention
5. give the work back to the people
6. protect leadership voices from below


if technical, leader uses

authority and expertise to solve


if adaptive, leader uses

several prescribed behaviors to move the adaptive process forward



-process approach, complex transaction between leader and followers
-follower centered
-help followers deal with conflicting values
-prescribes useful leadership behaviors
-contributes holding environment as integral part of leadership process



-very little research to test claims of theory
-need to be refined
-too wide ranging
-doesn't directly show how moral is incorporated


individual level:

-the model provides a conceptual framework to help us determine types of challenges and strategies for managing them


organizational level:

-explains a variety of challenges. widely used in non-profit, faith based organizations, and health care. ex) new sports