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Functions of a Political party

- Representation of social group interests
- the provision of accountable and effective government
- Dissemination of political information and fostering debate on key issues of public policy


Political parties form....

A bedrock of day-to-day democracy in action at grassroots level.


Joining a political party can engage people into politics

Help select candidates for local and national office, organise fundraising and social activities in their constituencies, volunteer to campaign by canvassing, delivering, leaflets, organise hustings and stand as candidates


What is the 'supply-side' ?

A political theory meaning that citizens are reluctant to join parties.
The social change has weakened links between parties and social class. I.e loss of party identification


Why might citizens participate more in 'single-issue pressure groups' than 'political parties' ?

Their is widespread sense of disillusionment with the performance and integrity of parties


Labour's individual membership

In the 1970s 600,000
In the 1980s 400,000
Slumped to 177,000


Conservative members

2.8 million members in 1953
174,000 in recent estimates