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Automatic Wire Stripper

This tool provides a fast, precise way to strip insulation off the ends of wires. It is handy when wiring a lot of fixtures.


Rope Wrench

This heavy-duty snip can cut cable or rope cleanly. It saves a lot of time and aggravation when making up stingers, wiring fixtures, or rigging with rope.



used for crimping connectors onto wires, useful when wiring some types of fixtures.


Spider Wrench

special T-handle wrench for use on sister-lugs, the wrench fits over the outside of the sister-lug bolt. It can be very handy when an Allen slot gets stripped.


Electrician's Scissors

These extra-tough scissors (they can cut through a penny) are especially useful for cutting metal gobo patterns, but also great for cutting gels, rope, and the like. (A gobo is a metal cutout used to make patterns in light)


Thumbscrew-type ⅝ in. wrench

A small, convenient alternative to carrying a big crescent wrench; does not provide as much leverage as a wrench but is great for ⅝-in. bolts on stirrup hangers.


Hand Rasp aka rat-tail rasp

This rasp can pierce and saw through luan (the thin plywood used to make set walls). It is useful for cutting a quick rat hole in a set wall, to feed a power cord into the set.


Allen and hex keys (American and English)

These wrenches are used for fixing stands, among other things.


Full set of screwdrivers

The set should include a large and small Phillips, a very small flat-head screwdriver, a large flathead screwdriver, and a right-angle screwdriver for lamp head repairs


Vice Grips

These include small, needle-nose grips for clamping onto small parts while making repairs and large, crescent vice grips for getting a tight grip in a jammed pin connector.


Soldering Iron and Solder

For soldering electronics


Cordless Electric Drill/Screw Gun

Especially useful when rigging, a screw gun is handy to affix devices to a wooden structure to keep them neat and organized



For hammering or pulling nails (more commonly a job for construction or grip dept.


Tape Measure

Dimensioning construction project



Super-glue has a multitude of uses


Big Flashlight

It is handy to have some big flashlights when shooting at night. They can be passed out to electricians at the end of the night to perform a walk-around “idiot check.”


Can Handle

This is a handle that fits over the bull switch to provide comfort and leverage when throwing large, spring-loaded switches. If you throw a lot of switches, a handle can save you a lot of strain