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Black wrap

durable black foil used on hot lights to control spill and shape the beam. It is available in rolls of 12 in. (50 ft.), 24 in., and 36 in. (25 ft.).


clothes pins

These are used to attach gels and diffusion to the lights.


Binder Clips

(the metal spring-loaded oversized paperclips) are also handy for attaching gels and fabricated snoots.


Rubber Mat

used to cover power cables where they cross doorways and other traffic areas. It comes in rolls 24 in. wide, up to 100 ft. long


Quick-On plugs

These are small, low-amperage Edison sockets and plugs that can be connected to #18 zip cord quickly with no tools. Quick-on plugs can be used on small practical lamps


Zip Cord

Light 18-gauge household lamp cord used for wiring small practical lights. Part 530 of the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that all cords and cables used for set lighting be hard usage or extra hard usage cables. Zip cord does not meet this requirement, so therefore quick-on plugs, add-a-taps, in-line taps and zip cord are not approved for lighting devices except where the cord is part of an approved assembly like the cord of a table lamp


Wire Nut

an insulated cap used to splice two bare wires together



Household dimmers of 600 and 1000 W are commonly used to dim small lights and practicals


Porcelain Sockets

Lamp sockets (medium screw base, E26) are used to mount lightbulbs in set pieces and soft boxes. photo bulbs will melt plastic sockets


Socket Dimmer

(150 W max) screws in between the lamp socket and the lightbulb, allowing the bulb to be dimmed


In-Line Switch

When rigging practical lights in sets, it is sometimes handy to have a plug-in 15-A switch on the line


Hubble Edison

male and female Hubble Edison plugs to replace the plugs on stingers and power cords when they burn out


#12 Copper Wire

black, white, and green #12 wire, which is handy for wiring special lights and devices. A twisted pair of red/black wire is commonly used, too.


Bus fuses

Spare bus fuses for deuce boards and bull switches are usually provided by the rental company


Gang Box Fuse

20-A BAF bus fuses, the essential replacement fuses for gang boxes. Gang box fuses blow routinely, so be sure to have plenty on hand


Splitter Fuses

These 60-A fuses are used in inline fuses on 100-A to two 60-A Bates splitters


Electrical Tape

sed for color-coding cables and spider boxes. It comes in a variety of colors (red, white, blue, black, and green) and is handy for insulating wire splices.


Gaffer Tape

heavy 2-in. fabric tape that rips cleanly in the direction of the weave. It is stronger, more durable, and more adhesive than paper tape.


Paper Tape

Black 2-in. paper tape is handy for masking light. It has less of a tendency to pull the paint off walls than gaffer’s tape.


White and colored Cloth Tape

This 1-in. and 2-in. cloth tape is used for labeling and color coding equipment... Colored gaff tape?


Snot Tape

3M transfer tape) This is a sticky film that is handy for mounting gels in gel frames.


Best Boy Paint

Best boy paint is white, heat-resistant paint used to repaint the reflective surfaces of soft lights without altering the color of the light emitted


Dulling Spray

This is a spray applied to shiny surfaces to tone down reflective glints


Streaks and Tips

Colored hair spray is used to tone down or black out surfaces that are too bright. It is water-soluble, washes off easily after filming, and comes in shades of auburn, beige, black, blond, brown, gray, pink, silver, white, and others


Practical Bulbs

These are bulbs used in practical lamps, usually household (medium screw base) bulbs. Various types are used, among the m photoflood bulbs, household bulbs, floodlights, spot-lights, and small fluorescents


Fluorescent Bulbs

High color rendering index (CRI) tubes replace fluorescent tubes in offices and commercial buildings where the existing fluorescents are not correct for photography


Flashlight Bulbs

These are replacement bulbs for electricians’ flashlights



use AA for flashlights; AAA for light meters; disk batteries for voltage/continuity meters; and 9 V for amp probe and light meters.


Cotter Pins

Cotter pins are used when hanging lights to prevent the receptacle from slipping off the pin


Visqueen Heavy Plastic Sheet

used to protect equipment and electrical connections from rain, precipitation, dew, dust, and sand. It comes in 100-ft. rolls, 20ft. wide (folded to 5 ft.)


Crutch Tips

put on the legs of stands to protect floors, in sizes of 3/4in. for small stands and l in. for large stands



a heat-resistant cloth that will not burn when a hot light is placed on it. It protects ceiling and wall surfaces from heat damage
Ex: put a baby on a drop-down pin, can put refracil on the shitty drop down ceiling so it won't melt.


Bailing Wire

a stiff wire, also called stovepipe wire.


Sash Cord

made of white cotton rope. It is used for tying cable to pipe, among other things. Commonly used weights are #6, #8, and #10


Trick line and Mason line

#4-weight nonstretch rope. Trick line is black. Mason line is white. It comes in handy for odd jobs, such as making stinger tie strings and power cord hangers


Bungee Cords and S-hooks

lack rubber bungee cords come in various sizes and should be ordered to fit the shelves of the truck and carts


Cube Tap

used for plugging several low-amperage lights into one outlet. General Electric makes a cube-shaped tap from which the device gets its name, but any connector that serves the same function may be called a cube tap (15 A max)


Pig Nose

Med-screw base with single edison plug