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name the 3 adductor muscle

-Adductor Longus
-Adductor Brevis
-Adductor magnus


what is the origin and insertion of adductor longus

-anterior body of pubis
-medial lip of linea aspera


What are the actions of adductor longus

-adducts thigh
-assists in lateral rotation


what is the origin and insertion of adductor brevis

-outer surface of inferior ramus of pubis
-below lesser trochanter to proximal part of linea aspera


what are the actions of adductor brevis

-adducts thigh
-assists in lateral rotaton


what is the origin and insertion of adductor magnus

-inferior ramus of pubis + ischial tuberosity
-linea aspera + adductor tubercle of femur


what are the actions of the adductor magnus?

-adduct thigh
-lateral rotation


what is the mechanism of injury for adductor muscle strain

-rapid adduction of the hip against an abduction force
-acute forced abduction that puts a stretch on the tendon
-sudden acceleration in sprinting


what are the symptoms for an adductor muscle strain

-acute onset
-muscle spasm
-pain usually well localised either to, muscle belly, tendon, musculotendon juction


what are the signs of an adductor muscle strain

-localised tenderness
-positive squeeze test
-pain on passive abduction, resisted adduction and combined flexion / adduction


what predisposing factors are associated with an adductor muscle strain

-poor groin flexibility
-muscle wekaness
-muscle tightness
-decreased fitness
inadequate warm up
-inadequate rehab from previous injury
-muscle imbalance
-poor pelvic/core stability


what treatment would you give to an adductor muscle strain

-avoid aggraviting activity
-active pain free exercises
-strengthening (48 hours +)
-soft tissue massage (4 days +)
-flexibility (4 days +)
-core stability


what sport specific exercises would you give to someone with an addor muscle strain

running in a straight line, figure of 8
-changing direction
-CV fitness