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Where can you find the Pardot overview tab?

By hovering over Admin > Overview


What does the Pardot overview tab display?

Email Usage: shows data for email types
Edit Tracking Opt-In Preferences
Email Sending Domains: shows all verified domains (Domain Mgmt)


What do Tracking Opt-In Preferences do?

Creates custom message to request opt in from visitors (used to comply with privacy requirements)


What does the Pardot dashboard show?

Notifications: important announcements/feature releases
Reporting Graph: prospects created, conversions, opportunities created, all prospects
Marketing Calendar
Active Prospects for Review: up to 5
Identified Companies: up to 5


What do you need before safely sending emails from Pardot?

Website tracking code, CNAME, Domain Authentication


How can you update the email domains associated with the account?

Admin > Domain Management to add email domains. Requires SPF and DomainKeys setup


What do DomainKeys do?

Verifies DNS domain of email sender, verifies message integrity


What do connectors do?

Allow Pardot accounts to sync with third party apps


How do connectors work?

Data is passed back and forth between two apps, allowing user to manage both in the Pardot interface


Where can you find settings for connectors?

Admin > Connectors


What types of connectors are there?

CRM, Webinar, Event, Social, Analytics, Business Enhancement


What are page actions?

They trigger completion actions (notifications, field value changes, assignments etc) off of specific page views


What is best practice for page actions?

Use on pages that signal interest or intent to buy


Will page actions be applied if the person accessing the page is a visitor?



Are page actions retroactive?



Can page actions be made from pages requiring login and nonvisibile pages?

Yes but a Pardot tracking code must be on the page


How do you create custom prospect fields?

Admin > Configure Fields > Prospect Fields > Add Custom Field > Enter Name > Leave Custom Field ID As Is > Configure Field Settings

**Note: requires name, type, and custom ID


How do you edit custom prospect fields?

Admin > Configure Fields > Prospect Fields > locate field to edit > click gear icon > Edit Field Settings


How do you map custom prospect fields to Salesforce fields?

1) create the corresponding custom field in Pardot first
2) open the custom field for editing in Pardot
3) from the SF field name dropdown, choose the field you want to map
4) optional: enable "keep this field's type and possible values in sync with the CRM" for dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes
5) optional: edit sync behavior


Does mapping a custom Pardot field with SF trigger a sync with the CRM?



Is Pardot field syncing case sensitive?

No. age and AGE are not unique


What do you need to do when mapping SF phone fields?

Make sure to map to Pardot text fields bc phone fields contain non-number characters


What are the two ways to set up and maintain users?

Manually: Admin > User Mgmt > Users to Add/Maintain User > Add details and user role > Send activation email

Import: up to 50 at a time


How does the recycle bin manage Pardot assets?

When prospects, campaigns, layout template etc are deleted, they go to the recycle bin and are not deleted forever.


What happens when you delete a campaign?

prospects associated with that campaign remain associated to that campaign


What does get permanently deleted?

Tags and content files


What is a tracker domain?

Gives visitors a seamless transition between hosted pages and forms/assets. An alias/variation for your own domain. Must enable SSL to use a HTTPS tracker domain. Found in Admin > Domain Management > Tracker Domains


Describe account usage and database limits

Mailable prospects count towards database limit. All accounts start with 10K mailable prospects.
Found in Settings > Usage and Limits


What happens when you allow multiple prospects with the same email?

Non-reversible once enabled
Email no longer unique identifier, CRM ID is used to match prospects (Lead ID, Contact ID)


How does Pardot treat multiple prospects with the same email?

Email Sending: will not send to same email address, looks for the one with most recent activity

Email Deliverability: if one opts all, all are treated as opted out, same for unsubscribed

Lead Nurturing: drip programs allow only 1 prospect email/program

Prospect Tracking: if some prospects are archived, only opted out or do not email fields will update