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How does pardot track visitor and...,
What is a visitor,
Types of visitor data collected f...
17  cards
Ways to create prospects in pardot,
What do you need in order to manu...,
What does the prospect table display
39  cards
List Management
What are lists,
What can you see when viewing a list,
What are the different list types
12  cards
Security and Access
How can you grant pardot support ...,
What are the 4 default user roles,
Describe what admins can do
13  cards
Where can you find the pardot ove...,
What does the pardot overview tab...,
What do tracking opt in preferenc...
33  cards
Pardot Campaigns
What is a pardot campaign,
Why is it beneficial to associate...,
Why should you change not change ...
17  cards
Pardot Forms
Why do you want to use forms,
What do you use to create customi...,
How many forms can standard editi...
28  cards
Lead Management
What are the 4 automations availa...,
What two programs start on pause,
What does an automation rule do
28  cards
What does a score measure,
How do scores work,
How do you edit scoring rules
9  cards
Email Marketing
Whats displayed in the email usag...,
What is an email,
What is an email template
27  cards
Engagement Studio
Does an engagement program start ...,
Whats a drip program,
What do you use to create drip pr...
24  cards
Landing Pages
What is a landing page,
What do landing pages do,
What are the components of a land...
19  cards
Social Marketing
What social platforms can be used...,
What is a custom redirect,
What happens when a prospect clic...
10  cards
Salesforce Integration
Whats the difference between pard...,
True false sf connector does not ...,
True false sf connector needs to ...
39  cards

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