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This is all classified and unclassified employees, temporary, part time, contract employees, supervisors, and managers.

City Employee


This is a complaint of discriminations, harassment or sexual harassment in violation of this policy. It also includes circumstances when a city employee hears about, learns of, discovers or otherwise becomes aware of prohibited conduct.



This means words or terms that are used to degrade or infer a negative characteristic pertaining to race, color, religion, age, national origin, ethnic group, sexual orientations, gender, marital status, or disability status. Such works or terms may include slurs, insults, printed materials, visual materials, signs, symbols, posters, insignia.

Disparaging terms


This means all employees of the city of Fremont and participants in any City of Fremont program, activity, or business transaction.



This means a violation of section 703 of title VII of the civil rights act, or the California fair employment and housing act and is defined as un-welcomed sexual advances, request for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. This includes same sex conduct regardless of whether the conduct is based on gender orientation.

Sexual Harassment


What four categories does any form of harassment fall under.



Supervisors and managers are responsible for receiving reports, pursuing complaints within how many hours of receiving information and immediately notifying their supervisor of the complaint?

Within 48 hours


Supervisors are responsible for insuring that his/her supervising manager, or the department director, is informed about all complaints within how many hours of any complaint?

Within 24 hours


Managers and supervisors are obligated as a condition of employment to pursue complaints of behavior in violation of this policy. Investigation of complaints in the police department shall be conducted by what department?

This is "duty to investigate"

Internal affairs unit of the police department


Managers and supervisors shall act to complete an _____________ of all complaints within _____ calendar days of learning of the complaint.

Initial assessment

5 days


Who determines whether the complaint falls within policy?

Supervisor or manager


When further investigation is warranted, the matter shall be referred for what?

Criminal or administrative investigation


If the manager or supervisor determines that violence, assault or physical contact may have occurred, then who should the matter be referred to?

Police department or the Alameda County District Attorney


_______ means a person designated by the city manager to conduct investigations as required by this policy.

A City of Fremont Investigator


When the supervisor or manager determines that a violation of this policy may exist, the matter shall be referred to a designated City of Fremont investigator within the _____ calendar days after the supervisor or manager learned of the complaint.

10 days


This means a union, attorney, or other person that may attend any meeting with a manager, supervisor or fact finding investigator.

A personal representative


Arrangements for a personal representative shall not extend beyond _____ following the initial contact by the supervisor or manger.

24 hours


What year did this policy take full effect?

June 1, 1999


A copy of the policy shall be distributed to each employee how often and by whom?

Annually by their department head


What four categories shall a department head compile data?

1. Total number of initial assessments
2. Document warnings
3. Administrative investigations
4. Criminal referrals