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The purpose of this regulation is to provide what?

Guidelines governing statements regarding any accident or other situation in which the city or employee may possibly expose themselves to legal liability.


What three categories do these guidelines fall under?

1. Automobile accidents
2. Other
3. Subpoenas


An employee involved in an accident with a city vehicle or private vehicle on city business should what?

Not admit liability for himself or for the city.


Statements should be made only to whom?

1. Investigating police officer
2. Employees supervisor or department head
3. City managers office
4. City attorneys office


Request for statements for any other source MUST be cleared through who?

City attorneys office


The employee ____ provide the ____ with a factual account of the accident.



The employee SHOULD avoid making statements as?

1. It was my fault
2. I didn't see him
3. Any other statements which would tend to be an admission of negligence or fault


It is the employees duty to provide ____?

Factual information


It is the duty of whom to interpret the facts and make conclusions regarding fault and liability.

1. The police
2. The courts


The same general rules apply to other situations, such as ____?

1. Injury of a citizen on city property
2. Injury to a citizen while under the leadership or guidance of a city employee


If subpoenaed, the ___ is entitled to collect ___?

1. City
2. Witness fees and mileage fees