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Who is the narrator and where does he find himself living?

The narrator is Huck Finn, he find himself in Missouri and lives with widow Douglass and Miss Watson


Who decides to form a gang?

Tom Sawyer forms the gang because they wanted adventure


Who did Tom play a prank on the night of the first meeting?

Tom played a prank on Jim


What kind of prank was it?

Tom puts Jim's hat on a tree that he's sleeping under. Jim thinks that it is a witch


What are 3 details the secret oath included?

1. Don't lie
2. Sign an oath in blood
3. If someone breaks oath family dies


Explain what type of gifts should Huck is praying for

He's praying for a hook and a line that will make him a better person


What does Huck decide to do with his fortune?

Huck gives it to judge thatcher because he thinks his dad might for $1. Thatcher invests it for him


Describe Pap Finn.

Pap is Hucks dad, he is a drunkard. He is a mess, very abusive, everyone thinks he's dead


Why did Pap return to town

He doesn't like the fact that his learning and he wants his money


Who did Pap believe was chasing him around the cabin?

He thinks that the angel of death is chasing him around


Explain how Huck escapes from Pap?

He saws his way out and fakes his death by using pig blood and stages a robbery killing


Where does Huck camp out at?

He camps out at Jackson island


Name 3 people who searched for Huck

Pap, judge thatcher and Tom Sawyer


How did they conduct the search for Huck?

They searched for Huck on a ferry


What methods did the search party use to find Huck?

They shoot canon balls from ferry and they fill bread with mercury


Who does Huck discover is hiding out as well?

He discovers Jim is hiding out too


Why is this person hiding out?

He is hiding out because he doesn't want to get sold or separated from his family


How big is the island?

3 miles long 1/4 mile wide


What happened to the river?

It was flooded after 3 days of rain


How long does the river stay like that?

10-11 days


As a result of the flooding what does Huck find floating?

He finds a house floating


What actions does Huck take upon the house?

Inside the house Huck finds a dead body and other supplies like cigars and girl clothing


What trick does Huck play on Jim and was it successful?

Huck puts a dead snake on Jim. But the dead snakes mate wraps around Jim and bites him


What treatment does Jim prescribe?

Huck tells Jim to eat the skin in the snakes head, get the rattles and make a bracelet with them and clean the wound with alcohol


How does Huck intend to obtain more information on their disappearance?

Huck wants to dress up as a girl


In chapter 11, where does Huck say he's from?

Hookerville, Ohio


What is the female and male aliases used by Huck Finn?

Female alias is Sarah Mary Williams and male alias is George Peters


What are the rewards for the suspects of Huck's disappearance?

For Pap $200 and for Jim $300


In what 3 ways does Huck reveal that he is a boy?

He threw the lead brick like a boy, he sewed like a boy, and he caught yarn like a boy


Who did Huck say he was running away to and where did they live?

He was running to his family in Goshem