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What does W.H. Semple say about the role of war in the Aeneid.

. War must be portrayed at least somewhat positively, as war and the making , as what and the making of empire was very positive for Romans, particularly for Augustus . Aeneas must be portrayed (at least to an extent ) as a “primeval ancestors of Rome, a prototype of the historic qualities by which many great Roman soldiers and statesman, and especially Augustus had consolidated their country in strength , unity and peace.


What does Eve Alder say about the role of war in the Aeneid?

.The Italians (Rutilians, Latins, Mezentius and Evander) had been constantly at war ( although small, piecemeal wars) until Aeneas arrives and brings war to the surface, and ending it entirely, with a conclusive peace.This PEACE is Aeneas’ contribution to founding Rome “ Aeneas’ Italian piece settlement in book 12 represents in small the universal piece settlement to be concluded by virtues contemporaries this settlement indeed is Aeneas’ founding of Rome and this does not choose the side of blue does not affect any walls all buildings there and does not Institute any laws or political regime and any usual since you found room by making a piece of settlement in Italy.