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Fundamental laws

They confirmed the October Manifesto but also asserting the Tsar's powers over the Duma: the right to rule independently of the Duma when it was not in session.



Accepted terms of the October manifesto



Ignore orders of October manifesto
211 mutinies were recorded between October and December 1905 only one third involved violence
The 6th of December 1905 the government introduce reforms to the army including increased pay and fashions, abolished hiring out of the soldiers to civilians, cut service terms, orders speeding up of the demobilisation of a service


Industrial workers

Not satisfied by the October manifesto they wanted to legalise trade unions and freedom of speech but lack of support for a strike meant it was called off on October 21 November another strike was planned but was called off in Saint Petersburg due to little response


How did the Tsar survive the 1905 revolution

Support of the Armed Forces

Disunity of opposition groups

Government use of terror (black hundred) and

End of the war with Japan

The October manifesto and further reforms

Counterrevolutionary groups